Are These Chakras Working Right for Your Energy Type?

OK, this is a first for me! Until now, I’ve never discussed this angle:

        How are the 4 Energy Types and the 7 chakras connected?

Learn how 7 chakras work together to support you. Plus, find out which chakras are naturally strong or weak for a TYPE 1 person.

(Don’t worry, I’ll cover the other Energy Types in the next few weeks.)

Chakra Healing and TYPE 1 Energy

If you’re new to The Carol Blog, you might not be aware of my Chakra Healing program.

Every person with a physical body has a subtle energy system, that includes your chakras.

So in this new 4-part series, I’ll explain which chakras are naturally strong and weak for each of the 4 Types in my Energy Profiling system.

Watch this video and get an overview of how the chakras 7 function in your  energetic system and how they connect with your physical body.

And if you’re someone who leads with TYPE 1SM Energy, learn how you can support the chakra that is naturally weakest for you. (Hint: It involves watching a great movie!)

How does this fit your own experience with your chakras? Share your A-HAs with me and comment below.

7 chakras, many functions

Each of the 7 primary chakras have a specific location and function and work together to keep us healthy and balanced:

  • 1st/Root Chakra (base of spine/tailbone) – Connects and grounds us to the earth.
  • 2nd/Sacral Chakra (lower abdomen) –  Sexuality and creativity center.
  • 3rd/Solar Plexus Chakra (upper abdomen) – Your personal power center, self-confidence.
  • 4th/Heart Chakra (center of chest) – The seat of emotion, gratitude, love.
  • 5th/Throat Chakra (throat/neck) – Communication, voice, expression of thought.
  • 6th/Third Eye Chakra (forehead between the eyes) – Insight, intuition, decision making
  • 7th/Crown Chakra (top of head) – Connects us to Spirit.

How well are YOUR chakras influencing your life right now?

Take this 3-minute test and find out which of your chakras are strongest or weakest.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Pat

    I would love to watch The King’s Speech to find out these exercises, however, the movie is Rated “R”. I have no desire to watch a “R” rated movie. Could you give some examples of these exercises?

    • nini

      Ha Ha R?????? what a lot of nonsense; it is a beautiful movie, and inspiring, and it is a true story, you will love it … go ahead , it is history, British history

  • Cindy

    Fascinating! I love to sew, particularly heirloom sewing for children. I have had a sewing blog for many years where I enjoy sharing my creations. I’ve always said this is my therapy! And I have an under active thyroid so this is very interesting to me and my Type 1 nature. I will definitely watch the movie. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Catherine

    Rated R? How silly! I looked it up and its just because of people saying the F word five times. Nothing else at all, so don’t worry. Very good movie, highly recommended.

    • Vendy Daniel Borzea

      On it shares exactly what is in the movie, the F word is said 17 times, sh-20 ect. maybe there is a edited version that takes out all the swearing and the nudity cause there is a seen with a nude statue. If anyone knows of an edited version let me know.

      • Catherine

        People are worried about seeing a nude statue??? Seriously? Statues are nearly always nude, its just the human body.

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  • LM

    This is so true for me. I am a type 1 and have constant struggles with my voice, throat chakra, and being misunderstood. I don´t even like talking. However, lately I have had the oppurtunity to do lots of work on my sacral chakra and that has really improved my ability to be myself. I use a Carnelian-White Beryl gemstone necklace and have resolved lots of old garbage in therapy and with energy work. Hopefully when my sacral chakra is strong, my throat chakra can follow! Thank you for the helpful information, Carol!

  • Dee dee

    Pat, I’m with you. The F word 5 times is 5 times too many. Carol, once again you hit the nail on the head. My throat Chakra is my weakest for exactly the reasons you described. Can you please make a video with these voice exercises or send us to another location to learn them. Thx.

  • Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Ooooh, not just a light bulb moment for me here…more a smack on the head A-ha! Thanks for sharing Carol. I am familiar with the chakras, and energy work. My favoured modality is flower and gem essences. I have long known that my 2nd chakra has been blocked or stuck or muddy. Since starting DYT, my creativity has been blossoming. I now understand that I must continue to support that creative energy. I have been blogging, and sometimes I question why? When you said that along with being creative, we {I’m a type one} need to share our creativity…well, hello…that just totally answered my question. It was also a really big, no make that huge, help to me to hear you say that the throat chakra is also very connected to my type one energy. For me, it’s not so much about being taken seriously when I speak, as actually being able to articulate what is in my head, and as LM said, being understood. In order to avoid sounding inane, which I’ve likely sounded many times, I tend to get quiet, kind of shy, choked up, etc. and end up not saying anything. I now see that my throat chakra can do with some loving support! This is another little area where I can see that my blog is helpful therapy…I get to write, and rewrite, my thoughts before hitting publish.

    Thank you again Carol!

  • Jane

    Wow! I have recently been releasing my blocks and re energizing my throat chakra after watching some earlier videos on chakras from Carol. I am a type 1 who has suffered from laryngitis since my teens and more recently it had been becoming chronic. Every time I got a sniffle I was losing my voice.

  • Katelon

    Thanks for the reminder. I can really relate. I haven’t played music or created any new songs in quite awhile and miss that. I have been blogging and cooking creatively, but my deepest passion is music and it has been missing from my life for years. Also, I have asthma symptoms still and where it really seems to affect me is more in my upper chest..hence closer to the throat chakra.

  • Carrol

    I have read your book and listened to your webinars still don’t get it-I feel like I’m from another planet-I am aware that I have numerous blocks but am having a difficult time connecting to them

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Hi Carrol, please visit for the Steps to Determine Your Type.
    Thank you!

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  • Christine

    This is so fascinating! I’m new to chakras and energy work, but as you discussed both the strengths and weaknesses of type 1s several things struck me strongly. Both my husband and 5 year old daughter are type 1s. Interestingly, my husband recently was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after having a cyst removed from his throat. My daughter is a chronic stutterer despite speech therapy. I’m so interested in learning more to help them unblock their weak chakras and avoid more problems in the future. It’s so crazy how our chakras can affect not just our emotional state, but our physical one as well.

  • Melanie

    I am a lot late in commenting here, but I just watched this clip. I too do not watch R rated movies. Because The Kng’s Speech was so popular when it came out, a PG-13 version was produced and available to the public. It may be harder to find, but it is out there. Also has edited movies for sale at good prices.

  • Linda

    this is my second time to watch this, knowing I am a Type 1 and taking and working through 7 Charka, I realize why I am stuck. This video made me realize how to work with my sleeping creativity and start working towards a waking up my Type 1.
    Thank You

  • Vendy Daniel Borzea

    I don’t watch rated R movies. No matter why they are rated R. So if we could get examples of the exercises that would be helpful.

  • Karen Spencer

    Again Carol, you are marvelous!! In 2010 I suffered a mild stroke. Only some facial and throat muscles were affected on my left side. As a trombonist, my music was the perfect therapy to recovery of my facial muscles. However, I have lost my ability to sing, due to lasting damage to the left side vocal cords. My speech is now a bit raspy, so I talk much less than I did. This is also due to intermittent aphasia when I’m tired. I simply lose the words. I really need to work on my throat Chakra. If I don’t sing again, that’s not a problem. But I would love to have my lovely buoyant speech back.

    Thanks again!!