Energize Your 2nd Chakra and Feel Creatively Alive

Imagine having confidence and energy for your creative dreams. You could try a new skill, write a book, build a business, or solve a problem in a new way.

Imagine knowing how to create mutually loving and supportive intimate relationships. What would that be like?

When your second chakra is energized and balanced, you don’t have to imagine. You have those experiences on a regular basis.

What is Your 2nd Chakra?

Called the sacral chakra, the second chakra is a vibrating disc of energy that expresses itself near your lower abdomen area. It symbolizes a creative space. It also represents your experience with relationships, sensuality, and creativity.

When you strengthen and recharge your second chakra, you affect these parts of your life. You feel creatively alive, you experience support and love in your intimate relationships, and you feel honor and respect for yourself as a man or a woman.

How to Energize Your 2nd Chakra

I want to share several simple exercises to give your second chakra a boost.

As you follow along with me, pay attention to how your body feels and how the energy around you changes. Let’s get started:

What did you notice about yourself as you did the exercises with me? Please share a comment.

Assess your own 2nd chakra experience

Open and Balanced

When your second chakra is open and balanced, certain areas of your life thrive.

You have an appetite for creative endeavors, both in your life and your relationships. You feel at home in your own body. The dynamics of your intimate relationships support you. And you are at peace with the way you express your nature with your body.

If this describes you, then your 2nd chakra is strong. Support it by following the creative pursuits you feel inspired to.

Closed and Weak

If this part of your energetic system is weak or closed, your creativity and intimate relationships may also feel blocked. Intimate relationships may feel threatening or bring up insecurities that you try to avoid. You may also worry about abandonment or financial insecurity. You may feel your creativity stifled and blocked.

A closed or weak second chakra can set you up for physical illness in that area of energetic expression of your body—the abdominal area. Digestive and reproductive issues and just a few examples of this.

What to do about it

If your 2nd chakra is closed or weak (and at different points in your life, it probably is), don’t worry. And don’t think that it will take a lot of time to change it. You can start shifting the energy in your system this minute, and when you do, your life starts to change with it.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Kathy

    Dear Carol Tuttle I understand that all colors are for ever type and that it depends and the shade and tone which makes the difference but I can not help to offer my feelings that this particular red/orange in your blouse feels like magic on you, just seeing you in this color in combination with your earrings and necklace vibrates warmth, healing and harmony to the point that it made me cry

    • Carol

      Thank you very much, that was so kind of you. I love you! Carol

  • Christine Quinn

    Thank you Carol; My chakras do need a lot of work. I have chakra crystals but real don’t know how to use them.I know if I keep working with you my life will be amazing. Can’t wait until I get the money to do classes with you.

  • Kathleen

    Thanks Carol! Really inspiring and motivating!

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  • Carol

    Thank you Carol for all the wonderful work that you do. You are an inspiration to me. Much love & light to you.

    • Carol

      You are very welcome, thank you for your compliment. (PS- this is REALLY Carol who posts all the reply’s!!)

  • Lorene

    The first time I watched this video I was so angry with my husband. Every symptom Carol told us about Chara 2 I was feeling. I couldn’t say the words or do the actions. Today I watched it again and I guess it helped me just to watch it the first time. This time I did the actions and said the phrases with Carol. I feel better. Thanks Carol, you have saved my marriage more than once.

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  • narcisa popescu

    Unfortunately my second chakra is totally closed. even with the help of you, Carol. What can I do, because it’s really like pain?