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How This Common Communication Killer Damages Your Relationships

My daughter Anne and I recently had an a-ha moment in our relationship and our communication with one another.

And we’re excited to share this insight with you today so you and your relationships can benefit, too!

Watch the video to hear our story and our theory on how this common and overused communication killer (that every person experiences) first came into being!

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What You Might Be Forgetting About Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Do you sometimes feel like your mom is trying to control things in your life?

Do you ever feel like your opinions are not respected?

You may be forgetting this one thing about her.

A simple change in perspective could give your relationship the boost it needs! Find out if this insight is what you’ve been missing…

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At Odds With Your Mom? This Might Be Why.

Do you ever butt heads with your mom?

Consider the possibility that you might not fully understand her nature.

(And that’s great news, because it’s easy to learn!)

My easy-going daughter has become an expert at keeping up with her active, passionate mom.

Our relationship has thrived since we’ve realized a few key things about each other. Maybe your mother-daughter relationship needs these quick tips to better understand each other!

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How to Get Rid of Mother-in-Law Issues…Without Getting Rid of Your Mother-in-Law

Have you ever heard this joke?

“What’s the difference between an in-law and an outlaw?

“Outlaws are wanted.”

We might find it funny, but it really just shows us the awful stigma there is in our culture around having in-laws.

And you know which in-law relationship gets subjected to the most drama, frustration and aggravation?

The mother-in-law.

Think about it. Even before you’re married, you usually only hear stories of people having mother-in-law issues.

Hollywood even made a movie (“Monster-in-Law”) that perpetuated this belief!

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Watch this video and see for yourself.

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The Revelation I Had About My Mom That Brought Me To Tears

Have you ever thought of your mother as being weak or too soft?

I’ll be honest with you. For many years I was really at odds with my mom.

But then I had a big a-ha moment that brought me to tears—and it brought a lot of healing to our mother-daughter relationship.

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