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The Revelation I Had About My Mom That Brought Me To Tears

Have you ever thought of your mother as being weak or too soft?

I’ll be honest with you. For many years I was really at odds with my mom.

But then I had a big a-ha moment that brought me to tears—and it brought a lot of healing to our mother-daughter relationship.

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Want a Better Relationship with Your Mother? Start Here.

What kind of relationship do you have with your mom?

Really, be honest.

Because even if you already have a good relationship with your mom, these tips will help you love her even more!

And if you have a more challenging relationship with your mom, this may give you the insight and understanding you need so you can heal what you need to in your life.

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One Simple Energy Technique You Can Use to Improve Your Relationships Today

Think of a relationship in your life that’s just where you’d like it to be.

Does it ever feel like the energy between you two is disconnected or tangled—or that the two of you are not even on the same wavelength?

In this video I’ll teach you an amazingly simple energy technique that will help you bring more harmony, balance and connection to your relationships. (And as a bonus, it can also help your relationship to money, time, your body, health and more!)

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3 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs to See the Movie “Frozen”

I enjoyed seeing the Disney movie Frozen with my family a few weeks ago.

I’ll be honest—it left such a big impact on me! (You know I can’t help but relate everything to energy!)

Frozen delivered several powerful truths—especially healing for women—that are evidence of how our chakras are being activated to more truth and light.

Here are my 3 favorite points from the movie (and maybe they were your favorite parts, too!):

(Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might want see it first before reading this!)

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How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry—And Stop the Tug-of-War Over Money

Think that sibling rivalry should be a thing of your past just because you and your siblings are now adults?

If only that were true.

Sibling rivalry and family division can show up at any stage of life.

It can be especially triggered when the issue of an inheritance comes up after a parent dies.

And when this sibling conflict comes up in adulthood, that’s actually a good sign that those deeper childhood issues are ready to be dealt with.

Find out how you can start to clear these painful issues from your own life so you can handle the conflict with more grace and ease—and plant the seeds for family unity…even when it may seem impossible.

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