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9 Signs You’re Not Fighting This Energetic Shift All Women Are Experiencing

If you’re a woman, I guarantee you’ve been feeling it on some level.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not yet, all of us as women are going through an energetic shift right now.

It’s a shift away from the old cultural scripts and roles we’ve been playing out for generations, and toward a new more supportive energy.

Find out how the old pattern is depleting our energy—and how to know the signs if you’re letting yourself make this shift.

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Without These 10 People, I Would Not Be the Same Person I Am Today

If I were to ask you to name some of the people who have influenced your life for the better, who would they be?

For most of us, many would be the people close to us and people we’ve met and interacted with.

But I’m sure we can all name some people whose lives and work have contributed to our lives in positive ways, even though we may have never met them personally.

Here is my top 10 list of influential people who have made my life better—including 3 people I’ve never met.

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Here’s Why You Need To ‘Baby’ Your Body The Rest of This Month

The rest of this month, you might want to take it easy on yourself.

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2014 began last Saturday, June 7 and goes through July 1.

These 3-week retrograde cycles are a time for an energetic turning within.

We recently completed the Mars Retrograde, which stirred a lot of things up for people the last few months.

So Mercury retrograde this month can help us finish processing and integrating all the emotions that were stirred up and are now ready to be released.

Where Mars Retrograde supported us in “letting go” of the old, this Mercury Retrograde can support us in coming back into balance in a new place.

But the new place is not in the external world. The new place is within.

I invite you to use this Mercury Retrograde to clear out the energetic debris internally so your inner vision can become crystal clear.

Here are 5 tips to support your body and emotions so you can do just that.

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10 Books That Have Changed My Life

Have you started your summer reading yet?

If you’re looking to move forward in your life, here’s my “top 10″ list.

Each of these books have inspired me at different stages of my life and provided me with guidance on my own journey of healing and living my truth.

I trust they will inspire and support you, too. And I also invite you to share your favorite books!

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The 10 Steps I Took to Create a Successful Business While Raising 5 Kids

First, I want to give you a huge thank you!

Last week, I found out from Startup Nation that I was the top winner of the Leading Moms in Business contest!

I’m so grateful for this honor and I am especially grateful to all of you for voting for me! You are the ones who helped make this possible.

I’ve heard that many of you who read this blog want to start (or grow) your own businesses too, and have asked me how I did it…while I was raising my 5 children, too.

So if you are one of those women who dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur, here are 10 essential and practical things I did—or currently still do—to create a successful business that actually makes money and makes a difference in the world!

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