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Why I’m Retiring The Carol Blog—And How You Can Spring Clean Your Digital Space, Too

Carol Tuttle

Change is in the air!

It’s spring and that means time to free up space in your life and make room for bigger, better things.

As part of my spring experience, I’m retiring The Carol Blog. But my support is still available for you! As things keep changing in the online world, I have been following that trend and believe what I have created to support you more powerfully and frequently.

Keep reading to find out where to connect with me best—plus some tips on spring cleaning your own digital space.

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Announcing The Carol Tour—Coming October 2015!

I’m excited to tell you about one of my newest upcoming projects.

The Carol Tour!

That’s right. I’m going on tour in October to speak live and in person—and hopefully in a city near you!

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If The Carol Blog Was an Album, These Are Its 20 ‘Greatest Hits’

If you haven’t heard, I’ve decided to stop blogging regularly starting next week.

After 6 years of publishing regular blog posts, I’m ready for a change so I can focus my energies on other projects.

I am grateful for every one of you who has been a faithful reader and subscriber and so I dedicate this, my second to last weekly blog post, to you!

If The Carol Blog was a musician, this post would be its “greatest hits” album, with the 20 most popular hits of all time.

I invite you to check out the 20 most viewed and most popular blog posts—and see which one (or two, or three…) support you most right now.

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What I’ve Learned From Blogging, Why I’m Stopping (For Now) & What’s Next

I’ve decided to make a big change.

After publishing around 1,500 blog posts over the past 6 years, I’m taking a break from regular blogging starting the end of July to focus on devoting my energies and talents to other big projects that are calling to me (more on that below).

My last regular weekly post will be July 27, 2015.

But first let me reassure you: The Carol Blog will still be here! I am not taking it offline. (And I still plan to post an occasional update.)

You’ll be able to enjoy the past 6 years of content on topics related to beautyrelationships, healthmoney, and much more!

Read on to hear a little of what I’m working on next, how to connect with me, and the biggest takeaways I’ve learned from blogging these past 6 years.

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Need a Boost? 5 TED Talks That Will Rejuvenate Your Life Immediately

Do you ever need a fresh boost of inspiration, positivity and motivation?

TED Talks are a great way to get that.

I enjoy watching TED Talks because they are able to educate and entertain us at the same time.

I’m also grateful to learn from other experts—psychologists, researchers, teachers, comedians—who deliver fantastic talks with stories, humor, and practical tips and suggestions we can use today to improve our lives.

Here are 5 TED talks I highly recommend! I guarantee you’ll feel smarter, more hopeful, and more inspired as a result.

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