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My 5 Biggest “I Can’ts” — Here’s How I Proved Them Wrong

Dear Ellen, Pink, Queen Latifiah, and Every Woman Who Reads My Blog:

I have a confession.

I used to believe some gigantic “I can’ts” in my life, too.

Limiting beliefs such as, “I can’t create my own business” or “I can’t help people.”

So when I saw that recent “Girls Can’t” commercial, it reminded me:

Everything that I’m doing today, I used to believe was impossible. 

Let me share with you my 5 biggest “I can’ts” that I used to believe were true.

And here’s how I proved ‘em wrong.

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These Next 7 Weeks Are About to Get Interesting for All of Us

Get ready. Things are about to get stirred up for you.

I’m sure some of you are already feeling it!

A rare phenomenon is happening this year that hits its peak in March and April of 2014.

And each one of us is being influenced by it—emotionally, physically and mentally.

Find out what’s going on in my video below. (Including what Jodie Foster and the movie Contact has to do with this.)

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Watch This Family’s Amazing Story One Year After the Sandy Hook Shooting

Last year at this time, I was deeply saddened.

I’m sure you were, too.

It’s been one year since that tragic December day in Newtown, Connecticut when 20 young children and six adults died at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the hands of a 20-year-old shooter.

But this short video from a mother whose 6-year-old daughter died that day will give you hope!

And wait until the end to hear how she answers the question, “Where was your God when this happened?”

It blew me away.

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Find Out What Exciting Changes are Coming for You in 2014!

Can you believe that 2014 is just a few weeks away?

At the end of a year, it’s natural to look back and reflect.

It’s also a time to celebrate our successes together!

Watch the video to find out how to do that AND so you can set yourself up to make 2014 even better!

Plus, get a sneak peak of the exciting changes I’m making for you in 2014!

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Ask Carol: “Why Do You Always Start with TYPE 1 Energy?”

I received a great question from a reader who recently asked me:

Why do you always start with TYPE 1SM Energy?”

As a TYPE 4SM woman, she wondered if we could do the TYPE 4 video first sometime, because whenever we do a new blog series about the 4 Energy Types (such as different Communication styles or the Relationship series), she has to be patient longer to see the new post for her Energy Type.

I’m grateful for her question (and she’s not the first to ask it), because it gives me a great opportunity to explain the “Why” behind this.

Plus, find out what happened the time we reversed the order and did not start with TYPE 1 Energy!

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