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The Unusual Influence Behind the Big Shifts Going On In Religion, Education & Beyond

In case you didn’t already know (or feel it), there are some major shifts going on in the world right now.

And each of us is being affected by them in different ways. (Women, for example.)

But several years ago I started to experience a shift as it relates to my own practice with religion and faith.

And I know I’m not alone in feeling this shift!

Even the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey shows us that there are major spiritual and religious shifts going on.

But what I explore with you in today’s video are the unique energetic dynamics that have been influencing this shift.

Watch this video and find out what that means…and how this shift may be affecting you personally.

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We’re Hiring an Online Copywriter & Blog Editor – Is This You?

Do you want to help shape and edit the content on a blog that is read by tens of thousands each week?

Are you a skilled copywriter who enjoys using the power of words to inspire others to take action and change their lives?

Are you a proactive self-starter who can manage deadlines and keep projects moving forward on time?

My company, Live Your Truth, has an opening for an Online Copywriter/Blog Editor to work with our Director of Content, our Editorial Team and of course, me, here on The Carol Blog and for other Dressing Your Truth copywriting projects.

If this position sounds like you, please read the job opening here for the position responsibilities and requirements and how to apply.

Bonus consideration for current Carol Blog subscribers and/or applicants who know their Energy Type or Type of beauty!


A Tribute to Robin Williams & What We Can Learn About Living Our Truth

It saddens me to write this post.

It always saddens me when someone who has touched my life and the lives of millions of people in a positive way passes from this realm.

Robin Williams, I will miss your light.

When I first heard the news, I reacted with a sense of shock and sadness.

His life was stolen from us much too soon.

I have complete compassion and empathy for him. I also thank him for all the laughter he brought to this world.

His energetic presence was so big and his life touched so many people on this planet, that now in his absence, we feel that void and share a collective grief from the loss.

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9 Signs You’re Not Fighting This Energetic Shift All Women Are Experiencing

If you’re a woman, I guarantee you’ve been feeling it on some level.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not yet, all of us as women are going through an energetic shift right now.

It’s a shift away from the old cultural scripts and roles we’ve been playing out for generations, and toward a new more supportive energy.

Find out how the old pattern is depleting our energy—and how to know the signs if you’re letting yourself make this shift.

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Without These 10 People, I Would Not Be the Same Person I Am Today

If I were to ask you to name some of the people who have influenced your life for the better, who would they be?

For most of us, many would be the people close to us and people we’ve met and interacted with.

But I’m sure we can all name some people whose lives and work have contributed to our lives in positive ways, even though we may have never met them personally.

Here is my top 10 list of influential people who have made my life better—including 3 people I’ve never met.

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