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Still Looking For Your Motivation to Show Up? Here Are 5 Ways to Get it Back.

Feel like your motivation is on back order?

Ever wish you could just go buy motivation in bulk at the store so you don’t run out when you need it most?

So what do you do when you can’t seem to find your motivation to do the things you need or want to do…like your going to work, or making a meal or doing laundry, or even hobbies or activities you typically enjoy?

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Could This Little-Known Stressor Be Creating Your Anxiety?

If you or someone you love deals with anxiety, you know it can feel like a complex web of emotions.

I’ve dealt with it, too, and I want to help you clear that today.

But first let’s identify what it is that’s really driving your anxiety in the first place and clear that up. It’s easier than you may think.

In this mini-healing session, you might be surprised to hear what was contributing to Amber’s anxiety.

Plus, hear 2 important things you must do to support yourself if you are considering going off a medication.

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Procrastination: 2 Questions to Snap You Out of It

OK, what’s your thing?

You know. That thing.

That big project you’ve been putting off. Or those simple daily tasks and household chores that you just can’t seem to accomplish.

Makes you go “Ugh” just thinking about it, right?

If you’re the sort of person whose never experienced procrastination, then you can just stop reading here.

But if you are member of the human race and struggle with some level of procrastination, today’s video is perfect for you!

In this video, find out why we create procrastination in our lives in the first place.

And how do we stop procrastinating the things we really do want to get done?

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How To Let Go of That Nagging Feeling You’re Going To Get In Trouble

Ever have a constant nagging feeling that one your choices or decisions will get you into trouble? (Even though you can’t put your finger on why.)

Do you live with the annoying thought that one of these days you’ll be “caught” or “found out” and things are just going to come crashing down and you’ll be exposed? (Yet you logically know you’re not doing anything wrong?)

You might even be exhausted from subconsciously trying to prevent trouble from happening—without even knowing it.

But here’s the deal: the more you try to prevent it, the more you’ll experience it!

Instead, let me teach you a better way to heal this—so you can experience your life with more ease and freedom!

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How to Take a Self Defense Class (Without Creating the Scenario to Defend Yourself from Attack)

I got this great question recently from a reader that I’m excited to answer!

What is the best way to approach a women’s self-defense class? In light of creating more of what you put your attention on, how can I do self-defense classes without creating the scenario to use it? I know from experience these classes are also very empowering and a great workout. Thanks for addressing this!”

Watch the video for my A to this Q.

(Plus, if you have experienced trauma or abuse in your past, you’ll hear how taking a self-defense class can even be part of your healing journey.)

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