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10 Movies That Helped Me Awaken to my True Self!

I really don’t watch much television. But I do enjoy going to the movie theater!

The movies I enjoy most are the ones that have helped me awaken to a higher state of consciousness—and even a Disney movie can do that!

Check out my top 10 movies below.

Plus, I invite you to reflect on and share which movies have most impacted you!

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If You Travel To These 11 Destinations, Don’t Miss These 11 Things

Do you love to travel? Or do you ever dream and talk about traveling more?

Years ago, when I began my study and understanding of the laws of creation—that I had the power to create my experience—one of my very first declarations of intent was:

“I am experiencing a lot of low and no cost travel!”

That was in 1994.

My desire for more travel opportunities has manifested over and over in my life, and I have had the good fortune to visit many incredible destinations around the world.

After traveling to 33 countries, here are 11 destinations that stand out for me. Plus, I share a tip for each, if you decide you want to go there!

Remarkably all of these trips have come together without a huge expense. (Which of course they did, since that was my intention!)

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If My Life Had A Soundtrack, These 10 Songs Would Be On It

If your life had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?

Throughout my life, many different songs have supported and inspired me in my journey of finding and living my truth.

This top 10 list represents some of my favorite music: the music of my youth, music that got me through tough times, music that inspires me, and music that reminds me of my true nature.

Starting with three of my favorite bands that I was drawn to as a young girl:

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Meet My Mini-Me, Now 2 Years Old!

Proud grandma alert!

Really, what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t brag on my grandchildren once in awhile, right?

My only granddaughter, Katie Claire, just turned 2 years old this month.

She’s a lot like me, in many ways actually. (You’ll find out why in the video.)

Katie’s growing up and living her truth in a big way as a 2-year-old!

Watch the video and you’ll find out more.

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See Who’s On Our 2014 Dressing Your Truth at the Oscars ‘Best Dressed’ List

Welcome to the 3rd annual Dressing Your Truth “Best Dressed True-to-Type” Awards!

Every year, we enjoy honoring the actresses who best represent all 4 Types of beauty on the red carpet.

We do this to recognize the amazing and talented women who are staying true to themselves and expressing their own Type of beauty in a beautiful way!

Find out which actresses at the 2014 Oscars were dressing their truth this year!

(Hint: 4 of them are in Ellen’s famous celebrity selfie photo!)

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