How to Celebrate Holidays True to You

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7 Spiritual Reminders This WestJet Christmas Video Taught Us

Did you see the WestJet Christmas Miracle video yet?

I loved this video, along with the millions of other people like you who saw it.

It’s a heart-warming example of the joy of giving—but see if you picked up on some of the other universal spiritual lessons it taught us… (If this video brought tears to your eyes, your heart probably got it).

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4 Classic Christmas Movies—4 Very Different Movements! Can You Guess Which is Which?

Have you been watching your favorite Christmas movies this season?

Two years ago, Sarah and I did this video on 4 popular Christmas movies, where we assessed the natural movement they express, based on the 4 Energy Types.

But since there are so many holiday movies out there, we wanted to profile more for you!

So here’s Part 2!

See if you can correctly profile these classic Christmas movies along with us…

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See Our Festive Holiday Outfits…With a Twist! [Video]

We’re having fun with the holidays (and our holiday outfits) on the blog this month!

You might not believe what Anne and I we’re wearing…but just keep an open mind until you watch the video.

(A little teaser: keep watching for the surprise!)

Plus, get 3 tips for Dressing Your Truth for the holidays.

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How to Rewrite Your ‘Holiday Script’ to Make the Holidays Even Happier

Do you go into the holidays every year anticipating family drama or dreading some kind of relationship stress?

Are you worried you won’t be able to handle everyone or everything, or that things just won’t go the way you’d like?

Maybe it’s time to re-think the script you’ve been giving to the holidays. Here’s how to write a new one.

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How to Wrap Gifts For Every Type of Person On Your List

When you give a gift for someone, you probably think about giving them something that’s true to their nature, something they would like, right?

Well, have you ever thought that how you wrap that gift can also be part of the experience, too?

There are many ways to wrap a gift, so these person-centered tips could help choose the gift-wrapping style that is perfect for every person on your list.

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