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Anger: The Good News About This “Unacceptable” Emotion

When we think of a picture of “anger” we often think of someone yelling and shouting.

We know what it feels like to get hurt and damaged by someone else’s out of control behavior.

Or we call to mind the children getting killed in school shootings because of a young person’s intense anger.

With all of these negative experiences, it’s no wonder we think anger is unacceptable!

But is it?

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How I Am Healing My Back Pain (Part 2 of 3)

Pain is just one of the many ways our bodies talk to us.

And boy have I had to learn how to listen up lately!

The last several months I’ve been experiencing a lot of back pain that came on suddenly at the beginning of 2014.

(If you haven’t seen it yet, first check out Part 1 of this story—where I even thought I might lose my legs!)

In this Part 2 video, I’ll share how I tuned into the primary emotional issue and belief that were contributing to my back pain.

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This Is For Every Woman Who Was Teased As a Girl

Carol Barrel. 

Thunder Thighs. 

We’re going to have to pay someone to marry you.

I grew up in a home where teasing was allowed—and those are just a few of the “funny” words I heard as a girl.

But looking back, I don’t see that kind of teasing as funny. It’s actually hostile humor.

Hostile humor is any negative judgment or derogatory message said in a funny way that is hurtful to someone’s sense of personal value.

If you were the victim of hostile humor in your childhood, I guarantee those words are still affecting how you see yourself today if you haven’t cleared them.

So today I’m going to help you clear those “humorous” insults with this simple process.

But first, I invite you to watch this amazing video to begin the process. I got emotional watching it as it brought up the stuff I needed to heal.

Even if you’ve already seen this video, it’s definitely worth the 3 minutes to re-watch it. And this time, watch it with your own emotional healing in mind!

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3 Primary Reasons Why We Become (or Stay) Overweight

If you are overweight (as I once was), you can become obsessed with food, losing weight and that number on the scale.

But it’s almost impossible to get fit until you consider the underlying factors that are creating your body to become (or stay) overweight, because putting on weight isn’t just something that “happens” to us.

It often follows certain beliefs that we can so easily believe.

In this video, consider which of these 3 reasons may be true for you. (And find out which 2 of the 3 I dealt with.)

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3 Reasons Why You Still Have “Issues” And How To Clear Them

Think you need to have a really traumatic childhood or a history of neglect or abuse to have issues?

Not true.

Even people who think their childhoods were happy and healthy can still have issues!

Here are 3 reasons why.

Plus, I’ll share with you 3 practical tools for clearing the issues you’re dealing with right now.

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