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Never Take a Sick Day Again By Doing This One Thing Instead [Guest Post]

Enjoy this guest post from Jenny Collins, my blog manager and content director at Live Your Truth. 

Two weeks ago I got sick. Not just for a day. But for a week.

And not the kind of under the weather-ness where you can soldier on with daily life. No, it was the knock-down, flat-on-the-couch, can’t-do-anything kind.

I don’t get sick often, but as one of my good friends once noticed, when I do, it’s intense and abrupt—true to my TYPE 3 energy.

But now I don’t take a traditional sick day. I started doing this instead and it changes my perspective so I get get to feeling better faster!

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Nurturing Your Spirituality True To Your Nature

 How do you nurture your spiritual life?

Just as your body needs to be fed with nourishing food, your soul is craving spirituality to be fed.

And if you know your Energy Type, do you know what kinds of spiritual practices fuel you in a way that’s true to your nature?

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The Real Reason You Worry What Others Think of You

Are you often preoccupied by thoughts of worrying, “What are they thinking of me?”

We’ve all wondered what others are thinking of us from time to time.

But when you worry what others think of you in almost every social interaction you have with people, it’s exhausting!

Watch this mini-healing session and find out the root of that worry—hint: it’s not you!—and how to clear it.

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The True Cost of Each of Our Negative Thoughts [Video]

We all know negative thinking drags us down.

But do we really understand the true cost of thinking those negative thoughts?

What if by simply asking a different question we get stuck stuck from those negatives?

This Tedx Talk is worth the 10 minutes out of your day—especially if it helps you improve the rest of your days.

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Did a Childhood Embarrassment Shut Down the Song You’re Meant to Sing? [Guest Post]

A guest post by Jenny Collins, Blog Manager for The Carol Blog and Content Director at Live Your Truth. 

You have a song you are meant to sing.

Each of us does.

Whether it’s literal or figurative, your song is your voice—that thing you’re uniquely designed to express and release in this world.

But shame, embarrassment and other circumstances in our early years seem to find a way of shutting our song down before we ever get a chance to hit the high notes.

Last summer, Carol Tuttle and I were in a meeting online talking about songs that would be on the soundtrack to your life, and at some point, I asked her if she liked the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.

She didn’t recall it off hand so despite my almost life-long apprehension about singing in front of people, I nervously crackled out the lines to the chorus:

Say what you wanna say/And let the words fall out/Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.

“You have a good voice!” Carol responded. “Do you sing?”

“No!” I said emphatically. “Only karaoke with family or with a group. And never by myself in front of people.”

“Why?” she asked.

Immediately it hit me.

I knew why. Or rather, I remembered why.

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