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Where’s Your Bliss? 7 Simple Ways to Start Feeling Blissful Today

What is bliss? Webster’s Dictionary defines “bliss” as great happiness and perfect joy.

But if you try to find your bliss in your relationships, jobs, vacations, money, belongings, etc., it will be fleeting and short lived.

Real bliss is an inside job.

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3 Ways to Quiet Your Mind & Connect With Your Inner Wholeness

We all have a lot going on these days!

So when was the last time you took time for yourself, in quiet solitude, just to connect with yourself?

Most likely you won’t be flying off to India any time soon to spend 21 days in a retreat center and take a vow of silence, like I once did.

So here are a few tips that any person can do to start connecting to your inner wholeness:

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Answering Your Questions: 7 Resources That Healed My Depression

After my previous post about Robin Williams and my own challenges with depression, I got several questions from you about what resources I used to heal.

Having dealt with depression most of my adult life, I am grateful to say that in the last few years these 7 resources have helped me successfully heal this condition.

I hope that in my sharing what supported me, it will help you or a loved one experience healing, too.

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How I Am Healing My Back Pain (Part 3 of 3)

Are you a good student of your body?

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal—when we listen to them and give them what they need.

This year, when I began to experience excruciating back pain, I chose to see my body as the teacher and I needed to pay attention.

In this final video in this series, you’ll find out the specific healing methods and practical tools I used to support my body’s structural and physical healing—one of them involves me going upside down!

Plus, get tips on how I learned to read my body’s signals to know what is correct for my body and what wasn’t.

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Two Years After His Stroke, Here’s What My Husband Did To Recover

Have you faced a serious health wake up call at some point?

Or maybe help a loved one recover from one?

I know what it’s like when you’re totally out of control and not sure what’s going to happen to them or what the outcome is going to be.

Two years ago, my husband Jonathan had a serious stroke.

He was a pretty healthy man at the time (or so we thought) so it seemed to come out of nowhere.

My husband’s stroke taught us a lot and it was a wake up call to him to make some changes in his life.

He’s made an amazing recovery! So I invited Jon to share with you an update on his progress.

Find out how the stroke changed him and the actions he took to support himself both physically and emotionally to recover it.

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