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How I Am Defying The Aging Process By Challenging This Common Belief

There’s a common belief that as women age, age takes its toll on your appearance and you can’t help but look older.

Find out how I’m personally defying that notion—and how you can too, by honoring your beauty sixth sense.

Plus, see a photo of me from about 25 years ago!

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She Was Bedridden. Now She’s On This Video. What Changed?

Could the way you dress be affecting your health?

I know you’re probably thinking, “How could my clothes make me sick?”

Allison was bedridden prior to her Dressing Your Truth experience. See what changed…

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Can’t Figure Out Your Type of Beauty? – Dressing Your Truth Journey

You are not alone.

Most of us have struggled in some way when learning  or accepting different aspects of our true nature.

Thankfully, because of our supportive community, we can learn from each other’s mistakes!

Jen was convinced that she was a bold, striking TYPE 4 woman…but she was overlooking something very important.

Are you making this same mistake? Find out by watching her Before & After Journey…

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Are a Few Small Details Keeping You From Loving the Way You Look?

What if a few small changes could completely transform the way you feel about yourself and your style?

Understanding and accepting key details about your natural expression are the first steps toward discovering your true self!

Laura learned a lot about herself and her unique Type of beauty with the Dressing Your Truth online course.

Now her wardrobe outwardly expresses her inner beauty, she is honoring her unique natural gifts, and she’s loving what a difference this has made in her life! [Read more…]

Need Cheering Up? This Before & After Will Do The Trick!

Don’t you love the refreshing, freeing feeling when you walk out of the salon with a fun new haircut?

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to get your hair cut in a way that complements your true Type of beauty!

Jamie’s new hairstyle took her cute look to a whole new level! See what you think of it… [Read more…]