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Taking Back Our Feminine Truth As Women Starts Here

You’ve probably noticed there is a movement going on.

A movement of women waking up from the shame-based belief that their bodies are not good enough.

I believe this part of the reawakening of the feminine or “goddess” energy on the planet today.

While a “women’s movement” has been going on for centuries in different forms, this current wave is waking us all up to be more conscious about the truth of our bodies and our feminine energy.

Dove was one of the original “big brands” that started to show women that we had these shame-based beliefs about our bodies when they launched their “Campaign for Real Beauty” back in 2004—the same year I started to teach Beauty Profiling and created Dressing Your Truth.

If you are a woman today, you are naturally a part of this movement. But how are you actively taking back the truth of who you are?

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Are You in Search of a Transformation, But Settling for a Makeover?

If you were given the chance for a total makeover, you’d jump at the chance, right?

You’d probably want a new wardrobe. A more flattering hairstyle. Makeup that makes you feel naturally beautiful. A put-together look that says “This is me.”

But in all my years of working with women, I’ve realized the why behind these wants.

Ultimately, most of us women don’t just want an “outer” makeover.

What we really want is a life-changing transformation.

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Nurturing Your Spirituality True To Your Nature

 How do you nurture your spiritual life?

Just as your body needs to be fed with nourishing food, your soul is craving spirituality to be fed.

And if you know your Energy Type, do you know what kinds of spiritual practices fuel you in a way that’s true to your nature?

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Bringing Your Sexy Back: How to Honor Your True Feminine Energy

With February comes Valentine’s Day…and many expectations about love, romance and sex—most of them unrealistic!

But we can set ourselves up for major disappointment when we’re looking for validation outside of ourselves or to calm our insecurities.

We’ve talked about love and romance true to our energies before.

But in this new episode we discuss our thoughts on Valentine’s Day, redefining sexy and what it means to embrace your true feminine energy.

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How a Change to Your Hair Can Change Your Life [Guest Post]

Enjoy this guest post by Jenny Collins, my Blog Manager and Content Director.

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

I quote this often to my friends as encouragement the moment I hear one of them talk about getting a new haircut.

Because our hair really does reflect our lives.

And making a change to one really does change the other.

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