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Follow. Unfollow. Post, Pin and Like… Let’s Talk Social Media!

Do you use social media regularly?

Research says that 74% of us adults use social networking sites (like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram).

You might even be reading this post because you clicked on the link from one of my Facebook pages.

Social media is a great place for connection, collaboration and creativity, but have you stopped to consider why you use the social media sites you’re on?

Do you have any natural habits or tendencies that you express in your online experience?

That’s our topic for this episode of the 4 Types Beauty Panel!

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Wonder Why We All Do Female Friendships So Differently?

We’re back!

The 4 Types Beauty Panel enjoyed a summer break but now we’re excited to be back on the blog together with you.

In this brand new September 2014 episode, we’re talking all about female friendships!

Do you have a group of girlfriends?

Or maybe that one friend who is your closest confidant and ally?

How do you manage different kinds of friendships? And what kind of friend are you?

Plus, if you know which Type of woman you are, how has it changed your friendships with your girlfriends?

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How Conscious Are You In Your Current Fashion Experience?

By the time we were teenagers, we started to form some pretty strong opinions and beliefs about ourselves and how we looked.

How old were you when you began to wonder where you measured up in the world of “beauty?” (For me it was about age 12.)

The major problem is that these so called “beliefs” about ourselves were formed out of an incorrect, limiting fashion system that didn’t honor all women!

It’s why I’ve made it my mission the last several years to help women “wake-up” and become more conscious in their fashion experiences.

Recently I had the opportunity to be featured on the cover of OmTimes magazine. I was very grateful to be interviewed about this very topic!

Check it out below…plus, a bonus from me you’ll only get here on the blog.

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How to Cut Through the Layers of Emotions Hiding in Your Hair

How old were you when you got to have a say in how your hair looked?

For me, it wasn’t until junior high. So as a young girl, I endured years of hating my hair after many traumatic experiences at the hair salon.

And I know I’m not alone.

Most women have had some pretty awful hair experiences as little girls.

As a result, all those hidden emotions can get tangled up and tied to our experiences with our hair as adults.

Watch this video and see which false beliefs about your hair are preventing you from seeing your own beauty and hindering your ability to have great hair!

Plus, I’ll share a healing affirmation to help you create a hairstyle that you’ll love!

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“God, Did You Make Me Look Fat?” One Brave Woman’s Conversation With God.

What if we have it all wrong?

What if God never intended for us to be beautiful?

I mean, where did our notions of being beautiful even come from in the first place?

Maybe our Creator never really intended for us as women to express our beauty and feel good about our appearances.

And what I mean by beautiful is not just inner beauty but also our outer appearance, our physical beauty. 

In all our efforts to make ourselves look and feel more beautiful, maybe the truth is that we just weren’t designed to be attractive!

That’s when my imagination took over. And in my mind’s eye, one brave woman decided to ask God about it and learn the truth once and for all.

Here’s how I imagine that conversation going:

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