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10 Things The Beauty Panel Reveals in This Episode May Surprise You!

You may not notice it right away, but some of us have dressed a bit differently from our typical styles in this episode.

Find out why in the video.

Plus, you’ll hear 10 things you’ve probably never heard us say until now!

(Bonus: By the end, I guarantee you’ll feel more appreciation for who you are and for the other Types of people in your life, too!)

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New Tips to Spring Clean Your Life—Inside and Out

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean tidying up your house.

The seasons are shifting, winter is backing away and spring is bringing forth new life.

At this time, most of us are feeling that urge to let go whatever is holding us down.

Let’s embrace this energetically cleansing time together!

Find out from the women on my 4 Types Beauty Panel how each of them does “spring cleaning” in their own way. See if you’re spring cleaning true to your Energy Type!

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Let’s Talk About Love & Romance…True to Our Energy Types!

Let’s be honest about romance:

I bet you and your significant other differ on what makes the perfect romantic evening.

That’s fine, of course. But when it comes to romantic days (like anniversaries or Valentine’s), different expectations can cause some real friction. Feelings can get hurt.

So for February, the month of love, the 4 Types Beauty Panel is talking about how knowing your partner’s Energy Type really allows you to create awesome romantic experiences that you both enjoy.

Plus, each of us shares our favorite article of clothing from when we first started dressing our truth!

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5 End-of-Year “Pearls of Wisdom” for You from These 5 Amazing Women

Can every woman look good in pearls?

Well, it depends on the Type of woman…and the Type of pearls!

Find out the answer to that (and more, as always!) in this latest video episode of the 4 Types Beauty Panel.

Plus, hear our encouraging “pearls of wisdom” to support you in living your truth with more self-acceptance and confidence!

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Which of These Cooking Styles is True for You? (Plus, Our Favorite Holiday Recipes!)

Do you cook (or not cook) in a way that reflects your true nature?

In this “episode” of the 4 Types Beauty Panel, we share how our true energy shows up in our baking and cooking styles.

Plus, get 5 new recipes below to our favorite holiday treats.

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