A Peek Into Carol Tuttle's Closet!

As the founder and creator of Dressing Your Truth, I can tell you that I love every item in my closet!

Nothing ever goes unused. And every item makes me feel amazing. It would be great if every woman in the world felt that way about her wardrobe!

Take a look inside my closet

Before you watch this video, what do you imagine my closet looks like? How is it organized?

Even though I’m a rich, dynamic woman in my Beauty Profiling system, I might not organize my closet like a typical Type 3. You Type 3 readers should tell me if I’m right.

True to my nature, I’ll share practical tips. (In fact, during filming, I discovered ideas to save me more time. Speed is a big deal for us Type 3’s!) Ready to see my closet? Take a look…

Is it what you expected? Do you relate? Share a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Make your closet even better

In the video, I mentioned a process to assemble great outfits, save time and be more creative with my style. Click here to learn how to make a ready-set-go outfit.

And if you missed any part of this series so far, peek inside Jaleah’s Type 1 closet and Michelle’s Type 2 closet for expert tips and ideas. Stay tuned for Type 4 Beauty Expert, Megan, to share her closet with you next week!

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • cat

    You’re right, Carol! It doesn’t really take any longer to hang something clean etc back up, and then it’s ready the next time, too! No need to rewash something just to have it decent for wear and caring for the clothes we love helps them wear longer and at least if they’re getting worn out it’s from actually being worn.

    I do sort my things by sleeve length as well as color and type of garment, but that’s cus it makes it faster to grab for purposes of having a short sleeve and a long sleeve top for layering etc. I do like all th same kind of hanger…I am totally into those velvety flat ones meant to save space (so practical) and I made sure I got them in colors that work with my clothes too so my whole closet vibes together.

    I could never, however, put together whole outfits and actually be expected to wear them as such and according to the day etc. Unless I were at a job necessitating a uniform (I do love, I can’t even wear clothes laid out the night before. I pick something at night and then by morning I am no longer in the mood! Must be the 1 in me! I can’t cook per a plan either. Those month long menu plans are a waste of time in my home…lol. I could see it being useful for a camp or residential living community but not in my home where I fly by the seat of pants so much!

  • Barb

    Carol, thank you, thank you, thank you for validating me! There’s been some posts on Facebook regarding T3 closets and how people organize and I kept thinking “Wow, I am not the normal Type 3.” I even have a secondary T1 yet my closets are extremely organized.

    It was so encouraging to hear that there are TIDY T3’s in the world. I had come to believe that if you were a T3 you needed to be more swift and not take the time to organize closets or hang clothes and that all your shoes should be in a pile on the floor of your closet…..mine is the exact opposite, so I was confused on where the T4 was coming in if my secondary was T1 – which would imply even more randomness.

    But I too wear everything in my closet. My clothes are organized first by type (pant, shirts, etc.) and then within each type by color. I rotate through the colors each day picking the first shirt and then moving the hanger to the back of that color/type section! LOL! I had a huge aha moment when you stated you did that. If I had only heard that there is a pile of clothes on the floor, like Sara and Tanner’s closets, I would have continued to think, “What’s wrong, I don’t get it, if I’m a T3/T1 why am I so organized?”

    So thank you for sharing!

  • wendy

    I ordered all of your type programs,still stuck. I LOVE the idea of your system, and I think that most people really fit a type. I know what all my friends and family are, but I have NO idea what I am! I don’t think I fit into your profiling system at all! My coworkers insist that I am a 3. As a child, my mother said to me all the things that correspond to a 4! I have a friend who is a PERFECT 4 and I’m nothing like her! I have a husband who is a PERFECT 3 and I’m not like him either. 1 and 2 are out of the question. I don’t fit anywhere!(Story of my life) HELP!! why can’t I be a 3.5?

    • Melissa

      The facial profiling videos are a huge help!

  • Lyn

    Oh I so long for a bit of whatever additional type it would take to get me to keep my closet organized! My whole life, my closet has been my nemesis. I have had small closets, humongous closets, and whole room closets and still deal with piles of clothes everywhere.

    Knowing it’s my nature helps me feel a little less guilt because I realize I am battling a basic tendency… but wow, do I wish that expression was not in my nature. It frustrates me to have to search for something I want to wear and I attempt to leverage that to get me to stop and handle the item properly in the moment ( hang it back up, put it away)…. but nope… I just dont do it.

    I have finally moved my closet to a basement where no one goes so I dont have to be more embarrassed than I am about the state of that chaos. It is funny because people who know me would NEVER think that my clothes look like that. My home is always neat and I always look pulled together…. but my closet in my home and my desk drawers at the office are my “not my personal best” zones. It’s not a matter of not having a place for things… because I have a wonderful set up to keep my things organized, I simply dont create the time in the moment to do it. In THAT moment, something else is driving my time and focus.

    I would say I need help, but I am starting to figure out that I just need to learn to live with myself!

    Thanks for the closet talk. I hate that I fall into this T3 category, but there is some comfort in hearing it. I have never looked for an excuse for my messy closets, but I may just relax into this one!

  • Laura

    I hang things up but in a hurry to get ready in the morning there is a pile that accumulates of clothing that I decide not to wear. If there are things I haven’t worn in a while I just get rid of it. But just for my type 4 husband we have a clean up day.

  • Lois Pendley

    As far as my closet, I am also very organized. (type 3) I have had friends comment on that often.
    As far as the jewelry goes–I have a couple of things that really work for me. Tie racks that screw to the wall are great for hanging necklaces. I like to see everything easily to I use plastic boxes that have sections so that I can put my earrings in the boxes so I can look thru the boxes lids and find the earrings I need. I have several of those boxes stacked on a shelf so they can slide in and out. I think the best thing I have done is to buy paper towel holders that stand on a counter(bought them at the Dollar store, and Big Lots)–I use these to stack my bracelets on the rod.
    I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond several hat hanger strips that will go on the closet door or nail to the wall. I hang my purses on these. I have most of my shoes in clear plastic boxes that stack. I have a sign up high in the closet “Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life” I also believe (like Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolia’s) that “What separates us from the animals, my dear, is the ability to accessorize.”

  • Melissa

    I’m also a tidy 3/1 for the same reason Carol is tidy. I tend not to leave myself enough time to get ready so five minutes to get dressed is the most I’ll ever have. Two minutes is usually what I end up with. I have everything organized by type of garment and now I’ve also organized everything according to the chakra colors. I love that I can choose something based on which chakra I want to work with on that day. I have two closets–meant to be his and hers, but since I’m not married yet they are all hers :-). I use one for the clothes in season and the other for the off season clothes, the clothes that are just for special occasions, and the clothes I’m getting ready to take to a consignment store. That way everything I use on a daily basis is together. Don’t know what I’ll do when I get married! They should make bedrooms with four closets. Everyone should have two!

  • Suzanna

    I was half expecting to see a large closet. I appreciate the practical nature of your dressing though Carol. I tend to get rid of things that haven’t been worn, so I should implement a similar rotating sort of system. However, I am still building my bold wardrobe and really don’t have much to rotate! Some day, some day. I love my closet, love that I can grab just about anything and put it on and feel just perfect for me. Sometimes that means my black Danskin bermuda shorts and a long sleeved hot pink tshirt with bold hot pink and leopard socks with my black boat shoes. That’s my ensemble today. It suits me. Other days I can put on my “Cruella Devil” high heels with a black pencil skirt and flaming red jacket. Either way I am always dressing true to my nature and I love it!

  • Susiee

    I am also an extremely tidy T3/1 and organise my wardrobe in the same practical way as mentioned by Carol Barb and Melissa – really great to know there are others the same out there!

  • Cassandra

    I too was surprised by the size of your closet Carol. I took comfort knowing you have other seasonal clothes elsewhere. Tee hee. 😀

  • Jaclyn

    I loved this. I really do have a lot of the same tendencies. I have a small house with a small closet and I don’t have the desire to own more than I have room for. I feel that I am very practical, I like to see what I have and only want things that I need, love, and use. The more organizational tools I have the more organized I am able to be. I’m not naturally a super organized person, but am learning. I love hearing about others that are similar to me, it just makes me feel more “normal”. It makes me happy to know who I am and gives me permission to me! 🙂 Thank you Carol.

  • Andrea

    This was fun to watch! I have a VERY tiny closet……I need to make it bigger. I separate my long sleeve shirts to the right side of my rack, my short sleeve to the left side of my rack and my skirts, pants and belts hang in the middle. Jeans and casual pants go in my dresser and are folded in 2 neat stacks. Shoes are organized on a rack on the floor of my closet but a couple of pairs always get thrown on top. My scarfs get thrown on the floor of my closet always on the left side. All work out clothes are on the top shelf on the left side folded and slightly stacked. All my sweaters are folded and slightly stacked on the top shelf on the right side. I like all plastic hangers 🙂 My jewelry hangs outside my closet door on a thing I found at a craft booth. Its a square of wood with the middle cut out and in the middle they put a wire mesh to hang earrings from. On the bottom of the frame are screwed in hardware knobs that my necklaces hang from. They used put scrapbook paper around the edges then sanded and modge lodged it. In the top there is a hole and 3 thick ribbons loop through to hang from a nail in the wall. I had them make this in my type 3 colors. Bracelets are on my dresser. Dirty clothes always go into my hamper. I am a 3,4.