4 Classic Christmas Movies—4 Very Different Movements! Can You Guess Which is Which?

Have you been watching your favorite Christmas movies this season?

Two years ago, Sarah and I did this video on 4 popular Christmas movies, where we assessed the natural movement they express, based on the 4 Energy Types.

But since there are so many holiday movies out there, we wanted to profile more for you!

So here’s Part 2!

See if you can correctly profile these classic Christmas movies along with us…

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Is This Subconscious Time Management Tendency Causing You to Be More Rushed?

Does this sound like you?

From the moment you get up in the morning you’re pushing forward, checking things off your list (maybe in your head) and continually moving to get things done on your schedule? By the end of the day, you crash.

If you can relate, watch this video to find out what subconscious tendency may be driving your naturally busy lifestyle.

Plus, find out the one thing I do everyday to balance my busy movement.

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Sarah Takes on the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge!

If these Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge videos were like a TV series, this would be our 6th episode!

Starring…Sarah Tuttle!

Tune in to see this TYPE 3 hottie dressed in all 4 Types of beauty…

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How to Find a Dancing Style That Fits Your Energy Type

We’ve gotten a lot of requests from you to talk about dancing styles for the 4 Energy Types.

So I’ve invited our resident dance expert to join me today!

Find out which dance styles would best fit your nature—from Ballet to Breakdancing to Tap dance or Tango!

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Do You Say One of These Words A Lot? It Could Be a Clue to Your Energy Type.

Words are powerful. Just as our thoughts create an energy of their own, the words we use also have a distinct energy.

Which is why it makes sense that each of us gravitates to saying different words true to the natural movement of our own Energy Types.

See if you notice yourself frequently saying one of these common words.

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