5 Tips to Create a Job When You’re Unemployed or Underemployed

Have you been searching for a job? Or maybe longing for a better job?

Most adults will devote 40 years or more of their lifetime working—so it’s worth finding something you enjoy!

If you’ve been unable to find a fulfilling career, get the promotion you want, or even land a job for now to make ends meet, consider these 5 tips to create what you want—without even lifting a finger for it yet.

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Born In the 1960s or 1970s and Feeling Blocked? This Could Be Why.

When was the last time you felt blocked?

Maybe you felt blocked from success or blocked from what you wanted, or even blocked from being able to remember someone’s name.

However this feeling of being “blocked” shows up for you, it often goes back to the same starting point: your birth.

Especially if you were born during the 1960s, 70s, or even 80s.

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5 Tips to Stop Overthinking and Overanalyzing and Bring Balance into Your Life

Do you have a tendency to overthink and overanalyze things in your life?

Do you get easily caught in a mental loop of trying to figure things out?

Can things weigh so heavily on your mind at times, that it causes you to lose sleep?

This pattern of overthinking and overanalyzing actually tells you something about yourself and the natural gifts and talents you possess.

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5 Tips to Help Prevent Unnecessary Worrying

Do you have a tendency to worry about things? Things in the past? Or your future?

I’m sure you can name some of the situations or people you often worry about, but have you ever wondered what causes you to worry about something?

If you have a tendency to worry, that actually says something about who you are…and your natural strengths!

Having a tendency to worry and over-worry is often connected to your natural expression of being kind and sensitive.

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Are You in Search of a Transformation, But Settling for a Makeover?

If you were given the chance for a total makeover, you’d jump at the chance, right?

You’d probably want a new wardrobe. A more flattering hairstyle. Makeup that makes you feel naturally beautiful. A put-together look that says “This is me.”

But in all my years of working with women, I’ve realized the why behind these wants.

Ultimately, most of us women don’t just want an “outer” makeover.

What we really want is a life-changing transformation.

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