Want a Better Relationship with Your Mother? Start Here.

What kind of relationship do you have with your mom?

Really, be honest.

Because even if you already have a good relationship with your mom, these tips will help you love her even more!

And if you have a more challenging relationship with your mom, this may give you the insight and understanding you need so you can heal what you need to in your life.

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10 Things The Beauty Panel Reveals in This Episode May Surprise You!

You may not notice it right away, but some of us have dressed a bit differently from our typical styles in this episode.

Find out why in the video.

Plus, you’ll hear 10 things you’ve probably never heard us say until now!

(Bonus: By the end, I guarantee you’ll feel more appreciation for who you are and for the other Types of people in your life, too!)

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3 Limiting Phrases You Probably Say That Are Damaging Your Identity and Aging You Faster

There’s a lot of talk about discrimination these days.

But you know what? We also need to stop discriminating against ourselves.

There’s a common kind of limiting self talk that women often say about their ages. But it’s self-discriminatory and damaging to your identity.

And the more we say these things to ourselves the more we give age power over us!

In this video, I’ll share with you the conscious commitment I made to myself years ago that has improved my life and my feelings about my age!

Plus, I’ll even tell you my age and why I’m proud of it!

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Get Rid of Emotional Baggage With This Simple Spring Cleaning

If one section in your house holds the most potential for emotional baggage, it is your closet.

I’ll share with you why.

And find out my 3 tips on how to release that emotional baggage so you can spring clean your closet with ease and love your wardrobe.

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She Was Bedridden. Now She’s On This Video. What Changed?

Could the way you dress be affecting your health?

I know you’re probably thinking, “How could my clothes make me sick?”

Allison was bedridden prior to her Dressing Your Truth experience. See what changed…

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