Ask Carol! Rapid Fire Questions of the Week: Carol fires off answers to 4 questions of the week!

True to Carol’s “get-to-the-point quickly” nature, she fires off practical, useful answers to 4 timely questions. 1. “How do I handle my partners Energy Type? He can drive me crazy!” 2. “Does my reflective nature mean I should be mirroring other people’s tendencies?” 3. “Is it possible to disagree without being disagreeable?” 4. “If your dominant and secondary energies are opposites, won’t that make me bi-polar?”  Share your comments on any of these topics.  Learn your Energy Profile at

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Kerrie

    Hi Carol,

    I understood about Energy Types 1 and 3 that they support one another, as long as you are leading with the dominant. What if the two types are very strong with their movement, that you can’t tell which one is dominant? Would you fall back on the physical assessment for the final assessment?

    I have read the book, and I have strong tendencies in both types, but I truly don’t know which one leads.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Carol

      Yes, your body profile is the final say. You can send in your photo by going to and go to Body Profiling.

  • Jennifer

    The type 4 question about mirroring others types is very interesting. As I was trying to figure out my own type and concluding on a 4 I remembered many times where I thought I was acting like a one, or two, or even a little three.

    I have found especially with type 1 family or friends I will be more outgoing. I don’t think it is so much that I am mirroring them but that in their light-hearted uplifting manner they tend to make everyone feel more at ease and ready to have fun. I find it easier to talk to them not because I am trying to act like them, but because they have a much easier time approaching me a type 4. I see how the type 2, 3, and even other 4’s have a hard time approaching me for even a little small talk. 2’s maybe a little easier as I am a secondary 2 but otherwise one’s just have no trouble being friendly with just about anyone!

    I have a type one mother in law and I always appreciated her ability to have fun but sometimes found her randomness annoying probably more annoying than she found my husband and my tenancy to NOT be spontaneous!

    I have heard her tell my husband when he commented on her talking to strangers, “There are no strangers, only people you haven’t talked to yet!” I’m sure whoever said that first was a type 1! LOL

    • Carol

      Good point Jennifer! We are effected by other people’s energy, I have found when I am with Type 1’s it brings out a more playful side of me. Thanks for your comment.

  • Suzanne

    Thanks Carol! I feel like all 4 of those questions were just for me! 🙂
    I was thinking the whole time, “wow, what a generous lady! These answers are great!”
    My husband and I were talking last night about types of movement etc. I am going to let go of my judgment of him. We are even both type 3s! He hangs around a lot in his secondary. I’m still working on getting that and why, it’s hard to see the untapped potential! It drives me crazy sometimes. Especially when I think I know his speed (it should match my 3 right? ha, ha)and what he “should” be capable of. But I don’t need to know right now. That’s for him to figure out. I can see that my job is really uncomplicated and simple…to LOVE him just the way he is! Thanks for answering those questions. One of them was mine! Thanks for facilitating my ah-ha moment just now.
    This is another witness that this system is all about creating more joy and love and peace by letting go of the judgment and blame!
    Thanks again! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a Type 1 with a secondary Type 2. I also have two jobs – yoga instructor and psychotherapist. I find myself dressing more as a type 2 for my therapist job and wearing more type 2 hair (low bun vs. high bun) – without thinking about it! Should I be striving more to bring out my Type 1 nature even in that role (which I see my Type 2 nature coming out more in)? What’s interesting is I love to do “yoga therapy,” which is a talk therapy integrating yoga, a combination of both energies!

    • Carol

      Elizabeth – thanks for your comment. Make sure you go through the Type 1 Dressing Your Truth online course if you have not already. You will love it. YES, in every area of your life it is more healing and powerful to live from your dominant expression – in your case your Type 1 nature!

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks, Carol! I’ve read the book and am an ardent fan of your podcast, but haven’t taken the online course. Not “telling stories” to make excuses why not but my goals last year and this are to eliminate my credit card debt. I have a rewards list for when that last payment goes out and your online course is on it :)! It keeps me motivated, that’s for sure, and I’m staying focused on infinite abundance in my life. Your blog and podcast are part of that true abundance. They bring me unlimited joy and motivate me to live closer to my truth!