Ask Carol! Question of the Week: I am a Type 3, do I have to wear my collar turned up?!

We get some interesting questions in the Dressing Your Truth world!  The fashion system has done a great job of teaching you to “NOT TO THINK FOR YOURSELF” as a woman. And, as a result we get some questions I sometimes don’t think I need to answer!  BUT, because the fashion world has left you with so little tools, I understand and answer them.  This question is a great example of how women look at an image or a “fashion expert” (which is my role in all of this!) and think I have to do it exactly how they do it!  Watch, laugh, and learn!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Suzanne

    I am the one that stopped by your center with my family about a month ago. I got my hair cut and my husband got a draping. This post stings a little because the lady’s letter reminded me of me. I think I wrote something similar after I bought the DYT course in January of this year. I’m a type three! Hee, hee. I so love being a three.
    I get it now! I’m loving my new hair and I love my look. I am entering the contest and I am in the middle of creating my own look now. This information has been revolutionary for me! I’ve shared it with a lot of people and it has had the same affect for them.
    The opportunity cost is way too high for women to not buy the DYT course. They can’t afford not to. My budget didn’t even feel it when I spent the $300 and I’ve saved so much time and energy since then. In fact I have started my own home-based business and I am loving all that I can accomplish living true to my nature. You are so right that it’s not about the money or about how someone doesn’t like the information. It is all about loving yourself. I can honestly say that I do love myself. It is not in a boastful, prideful way, it is an honest and authentic love that comes from deep within me. I never knew how much I hated myself before DYT. I was so confident in living below my potential that I didn’t even notice the layers of self-hatred. I’ve faced it and I keep facing it. I’m filling those pockets of hate with love and it feels great. I am living my truth and things are falling into place for me and my family. Thank you Thank you!

    • Carol

      Thank you Suzanne for your honesty and ownership! Not always easy for us Type 3’s because in our own way we like being “right! and not having others tell us what to do! Oh, how I’ve learned how much that tendency that stems from my very determined nature can get in the way of my personal growth so I consciously watch that in myself. Thank you for sharing from your heart. It is so satisfying knowing Dressing Your Truth is NOT just another fashion gimmick, but honestly the most powerful healing modality I have ever had the honor to offer women.

  • Juliet

    This made me laugh because I’m a Type 1 & I don’t like my collar up either! I picked up on the whole collar up thing & have tried it but decided not to do this as it doesn’t feel good to me. I’m glad you asked the question!

    • silvia

      I have the same problem when I descover I was a type 4. It was so shocking that I ask for a picture analysis to confirm my idea. I was right.

      It was terribly difficult to my , not only for the black and white way to think that I do not have (I am more close when we talk about feelings than ideas). It was for the clothes. The rigid way , the monotonous way to dress, and the lack of varity and changes. Not to talk about make up (it seems a kind of mask to me). It seems to me that I have to dress like my old mother allways the same straigth jacket, the same skirt, the same look time after time.
      It takes me a while (I am still on it) to realice that I can walk my own way. I can be strong in my feeling but open to new ideas, and wear whatever seems adecuate for me. Not be restricted to my mother´s wardrove. I can be elegant and diferent. I can make a transition and give me some more time if I need it, and I can be mercifull with me to try to be a diferent womant that I am be already.

      It seems to me is a process. Even if I do not want to be a cebra, I can be a black panter and both are tipe 4. Thank you for your help to find myself and for teach me how to love me rigth now.

      regards, Silvia

      • Carol

        Definitely Silvia, it is important to create a personal style that is perfect for your Type 4 way of being! What we teach gives you the basic tools to create what works for you as a woman!

  • sarah baldwin

    carol… i am a dominate type 3 and i just LOVE dressing your truth. it has strenghtned my and given me the sense of self i have always been looking for and missing in my life. it’s funny about the collar thing because sometimes i do feel like i’m all “80’s” out when i flip it up and i get self conscious. some jackets just work better with it up and others tend to be better left alone. it is something we each individually have to figure out. i love dressing my truth. thank you for all the info. sarah baldwin.

  • Katie

    I’ve been drawn to DYT but am for some reason resistant to it. (I felt like I was beautiful already and DYT was telling me I wasn’t, and that I was doing things wrong.) I’m trying to take a step back and relax and avoid making judgments or assigning labels, and just allow myself to watch and learn. But when I’m watching this video, I’m so distracted! I don’t see YOU – all I see is stripes! chain! jewel! stripes! chains! stripes! I feel like I can’t concentrate on you – all these textures, colors, and patterns are competing for my attention, and you are hidden underneath. What am I missing or misunderstanding?

    • Carol

      Your resistance is most likely resistance to some deeper issues that you don’t want to face. MOST women do not feel or think they look beautiful and Dressing Your Truth shows them they are. I feel amazing Dressing My Truth, my Type 3ness and my Type 3 look may be pushing some buttons which is distracting you. Did you watch the last Intro to Dressing Your Truth recording? If you want to see me hidden watch it! The truth is in this video you do see ME! I am a dynamic, rich woman who speaks directly to the point, I am living my truth. What is it in your feminine truth you may not be living. The question to ask yourself is what am I resisting in myself and not wanting to see. Life is a mirror for us and anything we see in others that brings up emotion, is just something we don’t want to see in ourselves. Personally, I think having my big collar up was a big distraction!!

      • Katie

        Is the Intro the one where you had the wig? I missed the first few minutes, so I didn’t see the whole get-up.

        You’ve mentioned some things about Type 3’s interacting with each other. I think I may be a Type 3. I’d rather be a Type 2 though 😉 I’ve only read through Type 1 in the book though, so I’m not sure yet.

        • Carol

          You just answered your own question in your remark about not wanting to be a Type 3! Take a look at that.

  • Katie

    I know – That’s what the wink was for 🙂 It’s taken me several months to open the book. I’ll get through it eventually 🙂

    • Carol

      Mmmm, that is very Type 3 to have such a strong opinion and you have not even read half the book!!!

  • Katie


  • Helena Summer Medena

    I am 3/1 and was having such a hard time accepting it. I wanted to be 1 – happy and pink, white and blue…
    Still now, I sometimes “miss” my light colors and I feel “bored”, yet, in 3 I feel literary more substantial. Lots of gold is what helps as well.
    Carols style is more casual and powerful with the jackets. My style is more sexy and happy… Looks like secondary profile is coming out.

  • http://? Kathryn

    I’ve gone through some of your blog videos, Carol, and recently bought your book but not received it yet. It’s definately difficult for me to believe that the writer for this April 22, 2010 question about having to wear her collar up is just beyond common sense. I had a good laugh when you admitted you wanted to make us all clones of yourself. I just love strong personalities like yours, and I must be a 3, but one with a lot of common sense.

  • Katie


    Prior to the time this question was asked, there were about 8 Type 3 women on the Before/After page. 6 of them had their collars up and the other 2 were wearing tops with no/small collars. If someone was just looking at the Before/After pictures, I can see how they might wonder if having the collar up was one of the keys to Type 3 dressing!

  • Barbara


    I loved your look with the collar turned up. The collar framed your face beautifully, and brought your whole look together. I have always thought that ‘The Collar Turned Up’ added glamour, you pulled it off magnificently. The video of course also highlighted the fact that we all have to find our personal style within our types. As a type 2, I have made some changes; hair (with the aid of your photo consultation) and eye-makeup have made an impact, but I have been hestitant in moving forward, as I can’t see myself with a too soft look. After viewing this video I will look for different ways to optimize my T2 look. I can’t seem to put a finger on my secondary type yet, as I seem to float between all three. I’ll keep trying.

  • Rachel Ramey

    I have also noticed the difficulty in seeing the variation within each type, when going through the materials. It’s not because they’re really all the same, I think, but because they’re scattered. It might be really helpful to have a “gallery” page of “after” photos for each type (grouped by type, I mean) somewhere on the site.