Your Angels Asked Me to Tell You This!

two angelsWhat do you need help with today?

You can receive that help. You just need to ask. It has never been more important to know about and call upon your angels.

Quite honestly, we can not do what we need to do without our angels’ help. We live at a time where we are changing from the inside out. We are processing and pioneering our emotional selves and it is really challenging to do this without heavenly assistance!

In my popular audio CD, “Petitioning Your Angels,” I teach that angels are our best friends and allies. They do not replace God—and they don’t want to. They actually love God and want to serve him by serving us. Your angels are like a bunch of best friends who are looking out for you at all times, but you just can’t see them! Or, maybe some of you can!

But they cannot aid us unless we ask!

To help you remember to ask your angels to help you, write this on your bathroom mirror so it’s in a place you see every day:

“Thank you angels for helping and assisting me in what I need today. You know what that is.”

This statement covers it all and makes it easy.

Don’t worry, you won’t offend God when you ask your angels to help you. You are not praying to angels. In fact, angels pray to God and ask for God’s assistance, just like us! God created angels to aid us and assist us, so it truly brings great joy to God to use what he has provided for us in creating successful lives.

God bless you—because he really wants to!

Carol Tuttle

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Madeleine

    I just had a very worrying telephone call… when I came back to my desk, my head spinning with all the ways I don’t know how to solve this issue, the first email in my inbox – A Message From Your Angels…what do you need help with today.

    I am so grateful that my angels are so absolutely ingenious in getting my attention. I sometimes forget to ask or only ask for little things.

    Thank you so much precious angels for getting my attention!!!

  • http://Angels S.

    I need help with a very bright daughter with a border line personality disorder (26).
    I have no idea where she is coming from at times, she is like the wind. She has 2 daughters and I am afraid that might be hindering them in some way. She and the dad are separated and are still in school and they alternate taking care of them.

  • Deb DiBiasie

    Carol, you are an Angel we can see. This is so freeing to know we have Angels as our best friends, to provide the guidance we need and to pave the path for us allowing us to connect with more clarity to God. Angels are there to deliver such a gift- many never receive. God loves us so much that, i believe, the earth is flooded with loving Angels and you are so on spot… all we have to do is ask God to help us connect and the doors will open for you whatever goodness you desire, that is if what you desire, thereby results with positive intentions for humankind-or life in general. We also have to ask for additional protection. As there is also a strong negative entity or whatever you want to call it, among us and in us that will conger self-doubt of this truth to keep us from receiving all the power and riches it has in store for us. Massively spread fear (down economy, cancer, disease, war, corruption, bad business deals, deceitful practices, terrorism….) if focused on… even for a moment….. Are positioned and purposed to breed self-doubt, if we let the fear they bread creep into our lives, this entity will try and steal our focus on the light and love, the truth and our dreams and ultimately our power. Angles help us see the all that negative situations our world is encountering through the EYES of SOLUTIONS! Angels help us to manifest solutions with more rapid success. We all need to know how to call on our Angels and need to do it not only at night but through the day and in our all our decision making. We also need to love them and thank them… and thank God and the Holy Spirit for their existence.

  • Marie

    thank you. This came on the perfect day.