An Energy Profiling Love Story

My daughter Anne was the first person to use Energy Profiling in a dating experience.  Anne learned about her true nature when she was 18 years old.

Anne is a Type 2, subtle, connected, detailed, soft, and very heart-centered.  The first step for Anne to be clear on who she wanted to marry was for Anne to live true to her nature.

Anne dated every Type and with each date became more and more clear on what she was naturally attracted to and what she wanted in a companion.

She decided Type 1’s were not right for her, Type 2’s were too much of the same thing, Type 4’s were too structured and Type 3’s were just right.

Anne wanted that fiery, adventurous nature that Type 3’s have.

When Anne was 22 it was clear to her she wanted to find the man of her dreams.  So she told the Universe to bring her the Type 3 man of her dreams.  

I am a Type 3 and don’t like too many details so I am going to get right to the point and tell you she met him and married him within 6 months of that declaration.

For the detailed version of Anne’s Energy Profiling Love Story and to get some amazing dating tips to meet your dream boat listen to “The Living Your Truth with Carol Tuttle” radio show that was broadcast on July 13, 20009.

Energy Profiling is going to be the answer to a lot of people finding and meeting the right “type” of person and then riding off in to the sunset in to a relationship that is even more than they could ever hope for.

Don’t know your dominant Energy Type yet, well you need to know who you are first to know what you want in your lover! Find out now!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Cyndi

    Thank you so much for the radio show. I learned so much about my type 2 nature by listening to Anne. I now realize, why I married a type 2. I grew up with a lot of type 3 energy, and was not allowed to express my 2ness. I needed to marry someone who honored who he was, and who woud allow me to move in my own way. It has now been over 20 years, and we are still happily married, and I am now finally learning, living, and loving my truth—thanks Carol and family for helping me in my journey.

  • Anne Tuttle Brown

    I love to hear these fun love stories, please continue to share. This is one of my favorite topics. So if you have questions…I can help to answer them.

  • D.D. Black

    Hi Anne,
    What a GREAT call. Thank you all so much!

    I have to tell you a “quick” cute story. You know that I am a Type 2. I married a man that is also a Type 3. (He’s a Type 3 with a secondary Type 1.)

    Well, when we were very first dating, my husband took no time telling me right away that he loved me. If fact, I think it was within the first week or so. When he told me this out of the blue one day, I just kind of froze & said: “Um. I think I love you to?”

    I really didn’t want him to feel hurt or uncomfortable but, I didn’t have the certainty yet that he did. I knew I really liked him, but I was still trying to feel the whole thing out! I mean, there was a lot I still had to figure out. There were questions I still had & answers I still need to know before I could move into this. (By the way, just know this was over 12 years ago. WAY before Energy Profiling. It REALLY would have been supportive!)

    My husband I now laugh about this, but at the time I personally thought there was something up with me, or our relationship, for my not being as sure as he was! And he couldn’t figure out why I had crushed him like that! He did not understand my uncertainty, but then again, neither did I.

    Come to find out, it was just both of our natures in perfect play…. & the beginning of a something really beautiful!

    We are still learning everyday…thank goodness. But we are having MUCH more fun as we do so, compared to before when we did not have the insight & understanding of Energy Profiling in our lives to support us as individuals & as a couple.

    I love going to bed every night & waking up every morning knowing I married the perfect man. He sure is for me! For me being a Type 2, this is BIG deal! The great thing is though, that regardless of what dominant energy type you are created with, we all get to have this.

    I love so much, with all that I am, that we are also teaching our children what a healthy relationship looks & feels like. This gift is beyond words. It brings me even more joy to know, that our children are being given such a life long (well, longer than that) gift, simply by my husband & I learning, living & loving our own truth & each others.

    This truly gives meaning to “learning through joy” & “teaching through love” doesn’t it? What a legacy to leave behind.

    Thanks for letting me share my “quick” story & my heart with you. 😉

    Take care & much love to you all,

  • Katie

    I shared my ‘old’ Type 4 ways on the Type 1 pity party post yesterday – today I want to add a testimonial about the wonderful difference DYT has made.

    I am dating a Type 1 man. He loves to have fun and ‘be a kid’. In the past, I might have been amused at this tendency, but likely would have rolled my eyes (mentally) and attributed it to immaturity. But I have been having so much fun seeing him having fun, and I don’t think those things now. I just revel in his fun.

    This morning I texted him to get up because he was missing the rain. He told me that he got up, put on his swimming suit, and went outside to sit in the rain! After the rain really started coming down, he started splashing through the ditches and sat down in the road to see how much water he could stop up with his arms and legs. He said he remembers doing this even as a toddler!

    He told me he owed the whole magical experience to me. Of course he did it himself, but I encouraged it. He has told me repeatedly that he can be himself more when he is around me than around others. I am thrilled every time he says that, because it means I have learned something about supporting others from energy profiling/DYT!

    I told him how amazing he was, how wonderful and great it was that he had played in the rain, and how much I love that he does these fun things.

    What a far better way to approach things, rather than falling back into the old judgment of Type 1s as being flighty and immature! Look at the great experience we both would have missed out on if I still held on to that judgement!

  • Cindy

    I am a type 2 with a secondary 1 and I am SO in love with my type 4 (secondary 2) husband. We have been together for 15 years. I ADORE him. He takes the best care of our family. One of my favorite things about him is his consistency. I was always afraid of marrying someone who would fake his kindness until after we got married and then not treat me very well. Well, my hubby just got even better once we were married. He’s been completely loyal to me and I have NEVER seen a better Dad. He takes his role as a father VERY seriously. He’s my favorite person in the whole world! I feel like he’s perfect for me. When I watched the beauty profiling video on type 4’s I just loved it. I grabbed my husbands big muscular arm (all or nothing work-outs right?) and said, “you are my solid ice-berg”. Then I said, “Am I your soft cuddely elephant?” He said, “you’re definately not an elephant”. 🙂 I’m glad he said that. Anyway, if you are married to a type 4 I hope you feel as blessed as I do. My four words of advise to promote a good marriage with a type 4 are these……. KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN! LOL! So that reminds me of a story. One day I had a major boil over on the stove with some gooey syrup. I was making my husband a really yummy breakfast for his birthday. Well, I didn’t have time to clean the stove-top until the next day. When my husband got home from work I said, “I cleaned the stove-top today”. He gave me the biggest hug and said, “You are a good woman”. It cracks me up just thinking about it. Anyway, those type 4’s NEED a clean house. Hmmmm, I guess I better go clean the house now. 🙂