What Does Your Purse Say About You? Peek Into a Type 2's Purse

What do the contents of your purse say about the type of woman you are? There are no wrong answers—only insights.

In this 4-part series we take a peek into four purses: one for each of the 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling System. In this video, we look into the purse of a Type 2 soft, subtle woman. What does a more detailed, gentle-natured woman carry in her purse? Let’s find out…

Did you notice how Anne’s natural movement is embodied in what she carries with her? What do you see in her purse that’s similar to yours? What’s different? What does all that say about you? Post a comment and share!

Here you can peek inside the purse of a Type 1.  Be on the lookout for the third part of this series next week!

Don’t know your own Beauty Profile? You can learn more about the 4 Types of beauty in my Beauty Profiling system.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Theresa

    I think a lot of the items in the purse are “just in case” items,.. planning ahead element right? you have lotion,. in case you need it. makeup in case you need it. kleenex in case you need it. it’s that thinking ahead element,.. even the things you chose to bring that day were plans you were going to accomplish that day in your purse so you wouldn’t forget it…

    My purse as a type 2 secondary 1 is a bit more random with more stuff in it that I haven’t taken time to go through. My purse ends up a little bit more like one of my piles and more similar to Emily’s purse. But less random and more thought out why things are still in there more like Anne’s things. I definitely have a type 2 purse still but I see more 1 influence in it and more of a pile tendency that I always neglect to go through and clean out. I clean out my purse maybe once a year unless it’s really getting bad. 🙂

  • carrie Spencer

    WOW. As a type three I think it would really piss me off if I had to try an be that detailed about my purse. My purse is big and resemble’s my closet, pantry, bathroom and kitchen all rolled into one. And sometimes the laundry!!!

  • Anita

    I’m a typt 2 also and I’m pretty similar in the organization of my purse and what’s in it. Where we differ is that I really prefer a crossbody bag because it makes me uncomfortable to not feel like my hands are free. I look for lightweight bags and soft fabrics that don’t grab at my necklaces.

  • Anne Brown

    Haha. Carrie, I think it would really piss me off if I had so much stuff in my purse! Isn’t it a beautiful thing that we can be different and just perfect for who we are?! Love it! Thanks for watching.

  • http://aol Vicki Mowery

    My Type 2 purse is organized very similarly and has almost exactly the same things, except I am not matching swatches @ this time. And yes, people ask me for a kleenex b/c they know I’ll have one, as well as a pen and note paper.
    My lists are also similar. None of this makes me mad; it helps me organize my life in my own style!
    Not sure why that info would upset Carrie (above); of course her purse would be different; her type is different.
    Carol, I like how you validated your daughter–she is living her truth.

  • carrie Spencer

    Anne- it’s so true!!!! it’s true that perfect is different for every one

    Vicki – let me rephrase,” It would stress me out to keep my purse (or anything for that matter) within a type 2 framework. Pardon me for my bluntness. It wasn’t ment to be mean.

  • Cindi

    I had to chuckle at the comments on kleenex. I always have a kleenex! They are everywhere. I am teased by my family because there is always a kleenex in a pocket. The inside of my purse resembles Anne’s almost exactly!

  • Rhonda

    My purse is organized similarly–though I’ve struggled with carrying a huge dayplanner (with all the lists and details and projects I’m working on) and now just try to transfer it all to digital format. I don’t carry paper tissues, but I do LOVE carrying an old fashioned lacy handkerchief–and until understanding Type 2, I didn’t really know why. This really makes sense now 🙂

  • Barb

    My eyebrows were lifting as you explained your purse … right down to the sticky note … It’s very important for me to have a purse that is sectioned. I also have a highlighter which comes in very handy. I carry lined large recipe cards to make notes, copy websites or give to people who may need paper … they have weight and don’t get lost in my purse like regular paper. Loved the three lists – perfect!! I know I’m organized when that happens. I also make my lists to fit the aisles of a grocery store. fruit/vegggies on left … milk/cheese in the middle … regular grocery on the right … no thinking – just go!
    aaahhhh … to feel validated!!! thank you!!

  • Renée Lisonbee

    Oh Anne! I love you 😛 I see some similarities between us, though I’m not a T2 (T4 here). Besides the fact that we buy the same gum, I too clean my purse out about every 3 days. Also, I will make a shopping list, but I find that after I write it down I don’t look at it anymore. It’s in my head. Thanks for sharing! What a fun series.

  • Kelly

    I *just* got a new purse..the one I had before I’ve had since I was probably 15 (I’m 26 now) and it was very small (but corduroy so it felt nice). Mine is similar to Anne’s in that I don’t have much in it – pretty much just the necessities/”just in case” things like tissues. I also only have chapstick and lipgloss as far as makeup. But mine differs in mine is more random – lots of loose bobby pins, mints, and no day planner. Also, because I don’t fill my purse up, I hardly ever go through it. BUT I should more often because I might find a few bucks I didn’t realize I put in the one pocket! 🙂

  • Chery

    If I ever had doubts about being a type 2, they’re gone! I thought it was normal to carry kleenex and two or three versions of the same list in your purse.

    I always carry paint chips and samples of furniture and drapery fabric – not just when renovating. You’ll also find a calculator, an address book, a note pad, a pair of fold up scissors, a keychain tape measure, 2 pens (in case one stops working), a lighter (I don’t smoke, but in case of emergency it may be needed to start a fire), suncreen, lip balm, solid perfume, and ibuprofen. The “cosmetics” and medicines are in their own little zippered mesh bags.

    I don’t carry a wallet – one section of my purse is zippered and I keep my cards and the household money in that section. My own personal money is in my tray wallet. (Looks like a change purse) Bills are neatly folded in quarters and tucked in the “secret” pocket and the coins are easily gotten to.

    You’d think that my purse would weigh a ton, but really, it doesn’t.

  • oonagh

    Having recently completed the type 2 course and sorting my wardrobe I found I felt I had to get a new purse (it’s a handbag really you know) which was smaller than my usual big bag, and then I had to get a new wallet (purse…) and then I had to make the contents more orderly and clean it out regularly!! Before my bag was type 3 and contents type 1, now it’s so similar to Anne’s! BTW my husband says you guys are responsible for turning me from low to high maintainance, and I cannot believe how much better it feels to have a type 2 wallet!

  • Julia Ahlers Ness

    Hum? I’m a type 3 & I have a Kleenex box in every room in my house & on my desk at work. Tried to have one in the car, but there was no good place for it so we keep napkins from fast food joints in the glove compartment instead. 🙂 My thinking is, if I need one (for glasses, nose, whatever), I can find it quickly & don’t have to go hunting for one. I used to keep some in my purse, but haven’t for a while now. Gotta think about why that’s the case. ?

    Yes, very fun series.

  • Erin

    I am a T2. I used to never carry a purse, but would leave stuff in the car. I also don’t mind a cross body bag, because hands free is comfortable to me, but lately my bags have been shoulder bags that stay put nicely. My bag is not nearly as clean or organized, but I do like to compartmentalize. I do think about what I need on my outing and will take out things I don’t need just about every day. I am not a tissue carrying 2, but I generally don’t have a need for them. If I did, they would be in my purse of course.

    It is fun seeing how even the differences aren’t really all that different between T2s

  • Kathryn

    My purse contents are exactly the same items as Anne’s, especially the lists. Carol mentioned that her mother made the comment that she didn’t have any Kleenex in her house. Every room in my house always has a box of Kleenex in it except for the kitchen. I typed myself as a 3 but I’ve been having second thoughts for a year.

  • Kathryn

    Don’t get me wrong, I did not take the video l iterally. I am just having reservations and haven’t been totally comfortable dressing as a Type 3. I plan to seek more support. I do enjoy all of the DYT videos, thank you.

  • Rachelle Hymas

    I have the lotion, hand sanitizer, car keys, phone, also only lip glosses for makeup, old and new grocery lists (I clean my purse out every Monday after budgeting), reciepts that I will enter into my budget on Monday (if I can’t do this once a week, my life feels chaotic and I get very anxious), wallet, purse size DYT color pallet, a couple business cards from people, emergency benedryl and at least one pen (currently I have collected three pens and a pencil in there). I wish I had kleenex available when I need it. And I also had to put a bandaid in my wallet because so many times my kids or I need it! I also don’t like wearing a purse crossed over the body. Very similar!

  • Michelle

    My purse is not as clean and organized as Anne’s. I have piles in my purse called debit reciepts. I want to keep up on them better, but I don’t so I have piles! But I am organized in that I have certain spots for my cards in my wallet, I have plastic divided organizer in my purse for coupons, clothing receipts, store reward cards, etc. I always have lipstick, but not always the other make-up. And the grocery list is usually always in there. And……I like to have kleenex!

  • Ruth James

    I love, love, LOVE the tissues. My very T2 boyfriend was with me when I got a horrific medical diagnosis a few years ago. True to his nature, he whipped out a cloth handkerchief (comfier for him than paper tissues) and promised I could keep it (again, very typical T2 in that he was comforting AND “making memories” for me.) Yes, I still have it and yes, it’s one of my fondest memories of him!! Ironically … M. is a 2/4 as was my much adored father. My dad always carried handkerchiefs with him as well. I have a very tidy T4 stack of handkerchieves from the two T2 men I love!

    M. always carries a back pack w/him (I refer to it a his “man bag”) because he NEEDS to always be prepared for every situation. It’s not as neat as Anne’s bag but it is WELL supplied. When my own four sons were young I had an emergency medical supply kit in the car but once they grew up I passed it on to a friend w/younger children. NOW if we’re all together and something happens (they’re now 21 – 30) they ask T2 M. for something … NOT me! M can ALWAYS be counted on for a tissue, napkins, a band aid …. and much more!

    T2s and T4s have some definite commonalities. I would NEVER wear a “cross body bag” although I love the concept. Tooo messy to take on and off!

  • colleen

    Barb- i make grocery lists based on my route around the store! always have multiple lists going for everything, too. my lists resemble outlines and have sub-lists! you have convinced me to get a purse, because juggling all of this stuff in small bags and such is not as reassuring as it could be with a bit more room. we 2s are like boy scouts -“Be prepared!” i am realizing that preparedness gives me comfort, which is akin to freedom!

  • Stacey

    I tend to be really similar with a purse being the right size otherwise if it is too big it gets to heavy and full of stuff I don’t want in it. It has to be big enough though to carry the “stuff” I might need and use. The only thing I find is my receipts, coupons and other papers pile up in my purse on my side pocket and my big DYT color card is right there with my pile. I will put them into white envelopes trying to keep them organized and then will end up with a bunch of envelopes of papers. Any other type 2 keep receipts or coupons just in case you might need them?

    • Carol

      Thanks for all the great comments on the purse series, we just thought it would fun, and we are seeing that even our purses express our truth! Maybe I should include “what does your purse say about who you are as a woman” in my Beauty Profiling assessment tools!!

  • Woodra

    oh Annie, I love the tissue and these have to be Puff’s with Lotion so they are super soft. lol Have all the same things as you, plus asprin, highlighter, matches, nail file, hidden money sometimes, floss, nail clippers,falling apart address book that I can’t give up & more tissues. My most favorite thing is my Inspiration Journal which was given out during a lesson in church. It’s little and has a pretty floral front. You need to add this to your purse! You will be surprised how often you are inspired and this helps to remember to give thanks to Heavenly Father. Thanks your so much for sharing:)

  • Randi

    Ah Ha! The post-its are a type 2 thing! My T2 husband is always writing post-its and and leaving them everywhere and I never know if I can throw them away or not so sometimes I will gather them up and he will go through this pile of like 20 post-its and he really looks at every single one to see if he needs it. Also as a prepared T2 he is always asking me to put things in my purse! I am a 4/3 so I tend to keep it simple and purposeful, and I don’t like a lot of clutter in my purse, so I usually have room. He wants to have everything he needs, but have the comfort of not having to carry something around. When we go somewhere for the day like the state fair (this is huge in TX where we live) He takes a backpack.
    When we leave for vacations he is always running around the house at the last minute trying to make sure he has everything while me and my two T4 daughters are at the car and saying “Let’s go already!” He is such a calming and steady influence to us and really makes life go so smoothly by making sure we have what we need.

  • http://Gmail Rachel

    Wow! I have almost all of the same items in my purse! I thought I was the only one to put post-it notes in my purse! I felt very validated watching this video. I also make multiple lists for myself, most of them handwritten on my post-it notes. I usually have the little piece of trash and the spare paperclip in my purse as well, and I clean those things out every couple of days, just like Anne does. The similarities are uncanny. I have wanted to get some super soft kleenexes as well, and I need to just honor myself and do that!
    Thank you for the video!

  • Melissa

    As a Type 1 I was SHOCKED that Anne actually finds the time to clean out her purse every 2-3 days. In my dreams! I’m lucky if mine gets cleaned out every 3 months. I carry everything: band-aids, a swiss army knife, kleenex, vitamins, coupons, three kinds of lip balm, two kinds of lip gloss, tweezers, powder, two eyeliner pencils, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow comb, concealer, lotion, two make-up brushes, lipstick, nail file, eye drops, breath mints, safety pins, two combs, tylenol, a fan, two key rings full of keys, my wallet and sunglasses.

  • Sandy

    I think I am a Type 2, and had to laugh when Anne pulled out the car keys on a carabineer. My purses have to have a strap or rings, so I can clip my keys to it. I also have to have a sectioned purse, with interior pockets, so I can quickly organize things when I change my purse. Which, I do every couple of days, depending on what I am wearing. So, my purse stays pretty well organized. I carry a planner/calander, which also acts as my coupon holder, organized into grocery, fast food and resturants and discounts for stores. As for makeup, I carry, lip liner, lipstick, lip balm and lip gloss. I also carry bandades and a few other things, just in case I need them and my phone, of course. I am thinking I might be a secondary Type 3, not quite sure yet.

  • Anna

    carol the kleenex cracked me up! my type 3 mother and mother in law make me nuts because there is never any kleenex in their houses!! I’m a type one secondary 2, but my two is STRONG in my kleenex needs…I just dont ever remember them or keep them in my purse…they’re all over

  • Natalie

    Questions or comments anyone: I always make tons of plans and lists plus put stuff in my phone like a type 2- and keep a smaller organized purse; but I love to change my purse around all the time to match my outfits…isn’t that like a type 1? I still havent found out what type I am. I literally feel like a blend of all 4. Plus I shove stuff in my purse because I am on to the next thing like type 3’s do, and I dont want to take time to put something where it goes. I know that stuff alone probably cant tell which type a person is but does anyone have any comments?

    • Carol

      Hi Natalie, have you read my book, “Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile” and gone through the online Beauty Profiling course? You can get a bundle for a low price with both at There is not enough information from these video blogs to determine your Type, they are supplemental to what you learn in the book and the online course. Hope you take that step if you have not.

  • Natalie

    I have it and am reading it now but feel a lot of resitance to certain types and thats probably my problem. But I do literally see a lot of the different types in me; I think I might be type 2 but have been trying on the clothes and colors and don’t like any of them!!! But I do have resistance to being a 2. I will just keep reading …I’m sure it will all fall into place. I also have your “its just my nature ” than I am going to read next that I think will help make it even more clear. Thanks!

  • Barb

    Like Anne, I carry things in my purse in case I end up at a store. I have a very small notebook with paint chips,fabric swatches,… for each room. Another small notebook that has Dressing My Truth ideas and things that I am looking for regarding my wardrobe, including the DYT mini-card.
    Also, I carry very little make-up.

    After watching the Type 4 purse, I can definitely see my Type 4 tendencies, as well. I like things put in very organized. I also, sequence my bills… Every day before leaving I organize and purge my purse.

    I think like a Type 2, but often perform like a Type 4 at work, school…tasks.

  • jackie

    I like my purses with as few items as possible – the “essentials” (keys, wallet, glasses) including comfort essentials like tissue! And I always make sure I have a pen, for adding to lists and notes – that way I don’t forget the details!

  • Jennifer

    I also clean out my purse every two to three days. I can’t stand the clutter. I don’t always have kleenex, but wish I did. I do always have band aids. When I buy a new purse, I look at the size ( I agree with Ann, not to big or small. Just right. Do you think Mama bear was a type two;)?) And I look for lots of compartments to put stuff. I do have a notebook to jot ideas or plans down. That is essential to me!
    I’m just wondering would Mary Poppins be a type 3 based on her bag?

  • Judy

    For years I’ve had to make lists, & put things in specific places or I’d forget where I’d left them. My first husband tried to convince me I was losing my mind, not understanding how I think… that lasted way longer than the expiration date….I had type 4 blow up at one point & I was done. Watching Anne, I realized how much I lived in one of my secondaries (she’s a 2/1) copying my Mom, who never could figure out why I was so rebellious & unstructured… Poor Mom… I was a ‘terrible 2’ for too long…being a type 1 would definitely make me seem wild in comparison to her more solitary quietness & love of being in her art studio…I was forever trying to get in there & make a mess, interrupting her focus & wanting attention. I loved her purses, she had tons of them, soft leather, fine details, & she hated one that went across her chest & gave it to me… who knew?

  • Kim

    If I was uncertain about which type I am, I definitely know now. Anne and I carry the exact same things in our purses and I clean mine out a few times a week. I don’t know which is funnier (or more accurate) Purse-Onality by Renfroe Anita or Dressing Your Truth.

  • Cindi

    I had to laugh when Anne mentioned her many versions of lists. I tend to keep 3 versions of my “to do” list at work…one is a wall calendar, the second is our department e-calendar, and the third is an electronic task list. I have to update each of them every time I add a task, or I don’t feel organized. I never realized how Type 2 that is. This just confirmed my type…Wow!