8 Year Old Girl Botox Story: The REAL Hoax

Maybe you saw the news story: a mother said she gave her 8-year-old girl botox injections, and then said the story was a hoax. It caught my attention because it’s more than just a hoax. It’s part of a bigger lie that women everywhere are programmed to live by.

You’ll know if this hoax has played a part in your life it you can answer yes to this one question:

Have you ever felt like you weren’t beautiful enough?

The fashion industry teaches a false definition of beauty that limits us when we believe it. This hoax makes women hate themselves in dressing rooms, complain they’re too fat, or even think their 8 year old girls need botox. In this video, I talk about how we can break away from that lie and feel truly beautiful. Join me:

What do you think of my definition of beauty? How does it change your view of the botox girl? Please share your comments.

If you are one of the women I talk about at the end, please tell us how Dressing Your Truth helped you embrace true beauty that empowers and honors you.

If you haven’t yet discovered your Beauty Profile or learned about Dressing Your Truth, now is the time. You don’t have to keep trying to put beauty on you. You can honor your true nature so your inner beauty can come out.

Whether you’re an 8-year-old girl or an 80-year-old woman, you are beautiful. And you can feel that way—today!

Visit to find out how.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Sue Hall

    WoW!!! Very well said. Passionate, loving, giving, supportive…

  • Marie-Christine Melhem

    Dear Carol,

    Your definition of true beauty is one of the most beautiful I have heard in my life.
    I wrote it down in my notebook just as I collect quotes and videos of the people who inspire me.
    And the true ladies who encompass the divine feminine are Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Edith Piaf.

    Thank you again for this beautiful video.

    Best regards,

    Marie-Christine Melhem (from Beirut, Lebanon).

    • Carol

      Thank you Marie-Christine, could you post what you wrote in a comment here, so we can all read it! I send my love to Lebanon. Are you Dressing Your Truth in Lebanon?

  • Michelle Manning-Kogler

    Very well said, Carol! This competition is so damaging to women everywhere. It seems like the “competition” is even greater in Utah, however, where there is such pressure to be perfect in every sense. We have some of the most gorgeous women in the world here in Utah, and so many of us don’t feel good about ourselves at all! That is the tragic result of this kind of competition.

    Botox aside, it is imperative that we find the REAL truths of who we are, our value as women, and our value as individuals. Thank you for your support in helping women find their “look” so that they can begin to recognize their unique beauty.

    • http://aol Vicki Mowery

      So very well said, Michelle, in Utah and everywhere else!

  • http://aol Vicki Mowery

    So glad to have found a program that embraces ALL women’s beauty and that values inner beauty the most! Thanks, Carol <3

  • Meg

    Go Carol! I’m so tired of watching little girls grow up into women who feel like they have to distort themselves into being beautiful. It’s like the ugly step-sisters in the Grimms’ version of Cinderella–cutting their toe and heel off (respectively) to fit this impossible slipper. And why? Did anyone even ask to talk to Prince Charming’s friends first? Maybe he has halitosis or snores or something. Or maybe they would’ve just seen that he’s another human that isn’t actually drawn to a disfigured standard of beauty.

  • Brandy

    Hey Carol – thank you for this video – the timing for having this available was perfect.

    I also wanted to mention to you that of all the videos I have seen you in, this is my favorite outfit that I have seen you wear! It looks absolutely fantastic on you.

  • Heather

    Hi Carol: Great comments. It really starts when you are growing up. Family and school mates can be the worst. I have a sister who has a daughter my age that I went to school with. This sister always pointed out her daughter was prettier than me, and I always felt bad as her daughter did a lot to put me down also. These things do stay with you, unfortunately.

  • Melissa

    When I was 14 I asked my mother if I was beautiful and she said, “No, you’re not. I’m sorry. Your sister is beautiful, but you’re not.” What a great way to set up a competition! It hurt so much and I ended up compulsively comparing myself to my sister and to every other woman. Always felt like I came up short in the beauty dept. No matter how many people over the years have told me I was beautiful, like a movie star, etc. I never felt beautiful. I felt like an ugly duckling who was just fooling people with make-up and if they saw me without it they’d be horrified. It wasn’t until I discovered DYT that I began to understand who I am and why I really am beautiful with or without makeup and why every woman is beautiful.

    Speaking of which, Carol, you look absolutely amazing in that outfit! One of your best looks yet. I would say stunning, but I think that might be a Type 4 term, so I’ll just say GORGEOUS!

    And last, I hope this won’t be taken in the wrong way because if we are dressing our truth even wrinkles are beautiful expressions of truth, but sometimes frown lines do drive women to do Botox and I just want to pass along this great alternative. FROWNIES. They are little patches you wear overnight and they work like a charm. I’ll be 50 in a few months and the other day a cashier at the grocery store said to me, “What do you do to your face? You don’t have any wrinkles. What do you do? What’s your secret?” I was surprised and mentioned sunscreen, but I forgot the real secret: FROWNIES. I had quite intense frown lines before I started using them. I should have also told her about DYT. Maybe next time I see her….

  • Jenny

    HI Carol,

    Thank you for sharing and enlightening. I was wondering if there are any books you would recommend on the divine feminin?