Have the Best Second-Day Hair! Tips From the 4 Types Beauty Panel

You don’t have to wash your hair every day. In fact, second day hair can look just as good or better than the day before!

The beautiful women on my 4 Types Beauty Panel are all experts at great every day hair styles. And they want to share some hair styling tips so every single day (including that second day!) can be a good hair day:

How to have the best second day hair

  • The Best Cut:

Good hair days depend on a good cut. Marcy, our bright, animated Beauty Expert prefers the layers from a razor cut. But Sheryl, our bold, striking Expert loves the nice, clean line that scissors make.

Learn which techniques support your Type of beauty. And trust your beauty sixth sense so you can communicate confidently with your hairstylist.

  • The Best Color:

Fall’s coming up. And the fashion and beauty industry often tell us to go darker this time of year. But for some Types of beauty, that just won’t work.

No matter what you do to first or second day hair, it won’t look good if you have the wrong color. Make sure your color supports YOU, not the time of year.

Watch the video to find out why bright, animated Marcy actually highlights her hair come fall—and which fun Type 1 color looks just fabulous with it!

  • The Best Style:

To get good style with second day hair, you have to lock that style in place on the first. Use the right tools while the blow dryer is on, and you won’t have to struggle to style your hair when it’s dry.

How? Change the blow dryer setting. As a Type 3, I thought hotter and faster was better. But I turned it down and learned a trick to cut down on frizz. Click here if you haven’t seen it yet.

  • The Best Second Day Hair!

Get it right the first time. Use product and 5 extra minutes getting things right on the first day and your second day hair will just need smoothing product to touch up. You might even make it to third-day hair.

Wash your bangs. Sarah, our rich, dynamic Beauty Expert, pulls her hair back in the shower with a headband and washes just her bangs. This gives her fresh hair around her face without styling everything again.

Refresh (or don’t). There are some great dry shampoos out there—like the Dressing Your Truth True Refresh—to perk up your hair on second days. Use it if you like it. But remember, always check in with your beauty sixth sense. Sheryl explains in the video why she doesn’t like second day hair at all.

Watch the video for more tips and Anne’s details to avoid shower humidity and flattened bed head:

We would love to hear your hair styling tips. What helps you maintain your look on the second day? What’s your quick and easy go-to style? Please share a comment.

If you’re Dressing Your Truth, but still feel a little uncertain about your hair, notice your movement when you wash, style, and maintain it. Just noticing your tendencies can help you manage them in your best interest so you’re happier with the outcome.

If you’re not yet Dressing Your Truth, get ready for a good hair day every day (even the second day!). You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about creating every day hair styles that you love. Take the first step by discovering your Type of beauty. Click here to get started.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Sarah

    I’m like Sheryl. I’m a type 4 and I love, love washing my hair everyday. It just goes more perfect. But is is true that if I style it well the first day, I can completely reshape it wnen I wake up with flat hair by just blow drying it all again. It’s not bad, but clean hair makes me feel tops! I also like to do the same exact style everyday so, I’m not so inclined to chance pinning it up or something, because I know it might not be as perfect as what I usually do. 🙂 Oh, and eating plenty of healthy fats makes my hair beautifully shiny.

  • Sandra

    I am a 4/3 and do not have to wash my hair everyday. I also love to change the style frequently. If my hair looks less then perfect or dirty and I do not have time to wash it then I put it back in a sleek pony, french twist or bun… no one is the wiser.

  • Heidi

    My short, wavy/curly T4 hair is always best washed every day and I always do. Downside to not washing every day–hair smells!! Sorry! Unless you use a fragrance product so it doesn’t I guess. I can always tell when someone walks past me that the hair wasn’t washed that day even when it looks okay.

  • Moyne

    Regarding “second day hair” — do y’all exercise?! My hair always looks great when I wake up on the second day, but by the time I put it in a ponytail to work out (and get it all sweaty), then put it up in a clamp to shower, it’s not pretty or anything like unto it.

    • Carol

      Hi Moyne, thanks for your comment. Yes, we all exercise! I exercise everyday as well as play tennis 3-4 times each week. Having a hairstyle that can be refreshened easily makes it easy to do second day hair. When I shower I let the water spritz it without having to fully wash it. Sometimes long hair and ponytails limits what you can do with second day hair, just another pony tail! There are a lot of great styles for every length, and having a great style adds to the benefits of easy second day hair.

  • mel

    how about swimming daily with white hair. type 4 woman here and I have no other course of action than to shampoo daily, sometimes twice. I wear it spiky, no hair spray and just run my fingers through my h air for a style. no nonsense and still stylish.

  • Jeanette

    I appreciate the tips you have been giving. I am a type 2 but unlike your lovely panel member my hair is straight as a stick. I have to work so hard at getting any curl. I have had perms at least twice a year from the time I was about 6. Is there anyway I can find a hairstyle that is more natural that is becoming?

  • Cat

    Lol….I do the type 3 too…lol….it must really be a 3 thing!

  • Moyne

    Thanks, Carol! I guess it’s my T2ness and my longer, curlier hair that is the problem. My hair looks great the second day — if it’s the one day a week I don’t work out! LOL I can see how short T3 hair would be easier to deal with in that way.

    Trying not to beat a dead horse, here, but does Anne work out? My hair is more like hers, although hers is a little longer, more full and curly.

    • Carol

      Hi again! Yes, Anne does work out, we are a very “fit” family! She does a lot of up-do’s that look very lovely on Type 2’s when the need calls for it!

  • Moyne

    Thanks! Got it. Will work more on up-do’s!

  • Paula

    Hello everyone. Thank you very much for the hair care tips. I am a Type 2 with bangs and long, straight hair. I usually wear it in a ponytail. I love it when it is curled, but do not take the time to curl it every day……I only do that for special occasions. Do you have any ideas for attractive straight hair for a Type 2? I appreciate your help so much, and love your two books on beauty profiling. Thank you.

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  • Linda

    I’m a type 4, feeling a little left out about the hair tips. Any tips on black (ethnic) hair without chemical processing? No, it’s not like Ann’s 🙂

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